LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 5 October 2016

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Los Angeles Times 5 October 2016 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 5 October 2016

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 One of seven in "Jabberwocky": STANZA

7 Shabbat celebrant: JEW

10 "Baby __": 2008 Fey/Poehler comedy: MAMA

14 Like some classroom aids: VISUAL

15 Angst-filled rock genre: EMO

16 Disembarked: ALIT

17 *Project with many obstacles: UPHILLTASK

19 Wheels for a star: LIMO

20 __ Grey tea: EARL

21 Vacation abode: CABIN

22 *E! talk show focused on celebrity outfits: FASHIONPOLICE

26 Longest reigning Brit. monarch: ELIZ

28 Neighbor of Venezuela: GUYANA

29 Discriminatory, as in hiring: SEXIST

32 Pet adoption org.: SPCA

33 Deg. for a suit: MBA

36 Annexation: SEIZURE

38 Put on a pedestal: DEIFIED

40 Morsel: ORT

41 Printed scorecard numbers: PARS

43 Went (on) monotonously: DRONED

44 Monotony: TEDIUM

46 Gp. with mail trucks: USPS

47 *Britannica, e.g.: REFERENCEWORK

52 Cutting: AXING

53 Leaderless: TIED

54 Strengthen: GIRD

55 Team up ... or, literally, what the last words of the answers to starred clues can do: JOINFORCES

61 Giggly Muppet: ELMO

62 To and __: FRO

63 Poker challenge: IRAISE

64 Academic leader in NBC's "Community": DEAN

65 Author Kesey: KEN

66 Kind of tax: ESTATE


1 "Law & Order: __": SVU

2 It often comes to those who wait: TIP

3 Volcanic fallout: ASH

4 Rapa __: Easter Island: NUI

5 Popular mall jewelry store: ZALES

6 Mosque-goer's deity: ALLAH

7 Like Cain, of Abel: JEALOUS

8 Leading characters in "Mork & Mindy"? EMS

9 Stir-fry pan: WOK

10 __ Yousafzai, sharer of the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize: MALALA

11 Cover story: ALIBI

12 Copycat: MIMIC

13 Make things right: ATONE

18 Course where tangents are relevant: TRIG

21 *1997 movie partly set on a plane called the Jailbird: CONAIR

22 Handy "Mr.": FIXIT

23 "Master of None" star __ Ansari: AZIZ

24 "Law & Order" gp.: NYPD

25 Couldn't sit still, say: PACED

26 Exxon, once: ESSO

27 Lustful look: LEER

30 *High-speed skiing event, familiarly: SUPERG

31 Discipline: TRADE

33 Capital of Belarus: MINSK

34 Honk: BEEP

35 Tacks on: ADDS

37 Green land? ERIN

39 Bridge table quorum: FOUR

42 Vacuum effect: SUCTION

44 Ligament kin: TENDON

45 Lo __: noodle dish: MEIN

47 Threw a fit: RAGED

48 Forced absence: EXILE

49 Terra __: FIRMA

50 Cellphone self-pic of a group, slangily: WEFIE

51 Smells: ODORS

55 N.Y. airport since 1963: JFK

56 Miner's matter: ORE

57 Chinese zodiac animal: RAT

58 "The World Factbook" org.: CIA

59 Inexact fig.: EST

60 Get: SEE

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