LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 5 October 2017

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Los Angeles Times 5 October 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 5 October 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Seize: USURP

6 Just slightly: ABIT

10 Lip-__: SYNC

14 Justice nominated by Barack: SONIA

15 Buddy, in slang: BRAH

16 Secure with lines: MOOR

17 Cut most likely to win a BBQ competition? MODELTBONE

19 TT automaker: AUDI

20 Part of: INON

21 Feminine side: YIN

22 Keyboard shortcuts: MACROS

24 TV scientist with 19 Emmys: NYE

25 Keurig coffee for the big day? SPECIALKCUP

27 Tear drier: TISSUE

29 Richmond-to-D.C. direction: NNE

30 Hunk's pride: ABS

31 Finishes second: PLACES

34 Deli order: BLT

35 Rental to get the twins to college? DOUBLEUHAUL

38 Word before or after pack: RAT

39 Nearly: ALMOST

40 Asian New Year: TET

41 Harmless cyst: WEN

43 They're tossed up before they're made: PIZZAS

47 Sports competitions in anti-gravity? SPACEXGAMES

51 Uganda's Amin: IDI

52 Ciudad Juárez neighbor: ELPASO

53 It's crude, then refined: GAS

54 Bit of cabinet hardware: KNOB

55 Money box: TILL

56 Ring up a short story writer? DIALOHENRY

59 Bering Sea barker: SEAL

60 Impromptu modern group pic: USIE

61 King Triton's mermaid daughter: ARIEL

62 Poet __ St. Vincent Millay: EDNA

63 Boys, to men: SONS

64 Commencement celebrants: GRADS


1 Org. that makes cents: USMINT

2 Woody's wife: SOONYI

3 Repeals: UNDOES

4 It meant nothing to Edith Piaf: RIEN

5 Buddy: PAL

6 Chicago 7 first name: ABBIE

7 Rodeo bucker: BRONC

8 Writer/illustrator Falconer known for "Olivia" children's books: IAN

9 Stan "__" Musial: THEMAN

10 Big wet one: SMACK

11 "I'm not making that decision": YOURCALL

12 "For sure!": NODOUBT

13 Baked fruit desserts: CRISPS

18 Rare blood designation: TYPEAB

23 Dogfish Head brew: ALE

25 "Star Trek" role for Takei and Cho: SULU

26 "To recap ... ": INSUM

28 Pick out of a crowd: SPOT

32 Bell tower sound: CLANG

33 Long fish: EEL

34 Secretary of Agriculture under Nixon: BUTZ

35 Smartphone arrangement: DATAPLAN

36 "Knock on wood": HOPESO

37 Craigslist caveat: ASIS

38 Wrote back: REPLIED

40 Fly around the equator? TSETSE

41 Actor Bentley: WES

42 It included a sweet, not sorrowful, parting: EXODUS

44 Sunflower relative: ZINNIA

45 Doted on: ADORED

46 Delphic diviners: SIBYLS

48 Lily plant: CALLA

49 "Not __!": AGAIN

50 Cock and bull: MALES

54 Broadway's Walter __ Theatre: KERR

57 Classified ad shorthand for "seeking": ISO

58 Folklore crone: HAG

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