LA Times Crossword answers Monday 6 April 2020

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Los Angeles Times 6 April 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 6 April 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Worshipped one: IDOL

5 Outer garments for Batman and Superman: CAPES

10 Kite stabilizer: TAIL

14 Congregation area: NAVE

15 Popeye's main squeeze __ Oyl: OLIVE

16 Meat safety agcy.: USDA

17 Boring party, say: DRAG

18 Light measure: LUMEN

19 D.C. MLB team: NATS

20 Where Will Rogers was born: OKLAHOMA

22 King with a golden touch: MIDAS

23 Ripped: TORN

24 Where Bulls and Bears are cheered: CHICAGO

26 Parisian parting: ADIEU

29 Capital of Greece: ATHENS

31 Goes down to defeat: LOSES

32 Reddish-brown horse: ROAN

33 Color variant: HUE

36 Where the Beverly Hills Hotel is located: SUNSETBOULEVARD

40 Decide (to): OPT

41 Sabrina portrayer Melissa Joan __: HART

42 Noncom nickname: SARGE

43 Quagmire: MORASS

45 Bygone: OLDEN

46 Where Arthur ruled the court: CAMELOT

49 Against: ANTI

51 Make one's case: PLEAD

52 Where the answers to 20-, 24-, 36- and 46-Across have appeared in lights: BROADWAY

56 What no centipede has exactly 100 of, oddly: LEGS

57 Roles on 52-Across: PARTS

59 First-rate: AONE

60 Eurasian border river: URAL

61 Erupt, as tempers: FLARE

62 Skipjack or yellowfin: TUNA

63 PlayStation maker: SONY

64 Formally gave up: CEDED

65 __ out a living: barely manages: EKES


1 Prefix with Chinese: INDO

2 __ horse: long shot: DARK

3 Shaped like the president's office: OVAL

4 Inheritors: LEGATEES

5 Red, white or blue: COLOR

6 Wellesley grad: ALUMNA

7 Fine cotton: PIMA

8 Mother of Cain and Abel: EVE

9 Capitol Hill VIP: SEN

10 Forum garments: TUNICS

11 Carne __: taco filling: ASADA

12 Luggage label: IDTAG

13 Rodeo rope: LASSO

21 Social unit sharing the same dwelling: HOUSEHOLD

22 State nicknamed the "Land of 10,000 Lakes": MINNESOTA

24 __ En-lai: CHOU

25 Recover from injury: HEAL

26 In addition: ALSO

27 Make spiffy: DOUP

28 Stevie Wonder's "__ She Lovely": ISNT

30 Harness race paces: TROTS

33 Difficult: HARD

34 Strong desire: URGE

35 8-Down's first home: EDEN

37 Tropical root vegetable: TARO

38 Babysitter's bane: BRAT

39 Bear out, as feelings: VALIDATE

43 Pitifully small: MEASLY

44 Existentialist Jean-Paul: SARTRE

46 Not quite a B: CPLUS

47 Last Olds model: ALERO

48 Mullally of "Will & Grace": MEGAN

50 Snooped (around): NOSED

52 Slim nail: BRAD

53 "The Caine Mutiny" author Herman: WOUK

54 Diarist Frank: ANNE

55 Affirmative votes: YEAS

57 Rank below cpl.: PFC

58 Lager alternative: ALE

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