LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 6 April 2021

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Los Angeles Times 6 April 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 6 April 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Shipwreck signal: SOS

4 Stan of Marvel Comics: LEE

7 Catch in a trap: SNARE

12 Time period: SPAN

13 Off-roader's purchase, for short: ATV

14 Quest for intel: RECON

15 *Instant in which emotional decisions are made: HEATOFTHEMOMENT

18 Middle-earth menace: ORC

19 Female surfer: WAHINE

20 Times to remember: ERAS

21 Got a lift, in a way: UBERED

23 Popular mints: CERTS

25 Tea container: CADDY

27 Gradually come to be: DEVELOP

31 Wander about: ROAM

33 Pasture: LEA

35 Where one may be taken to be reprimanded: ASIDE

36 Verb in a recipe: ADD

37 Like jobs with no future ... and what the start of each answer to a starred clue can be? DEADEND

40 Tennis court divider: NET

41 Family gathering attendee: NIECE

43 Pacific Coast st.: ORE

44 Loch with a legend: NESS

45 Ties to a post: TETHERS

48 Rene of "Get Shorty": RUSSO

50 Show flexibility: ADAPT

52 Dampen, as sound: MUFFLE

55 Help in a bad way? ABET

58 Coral named for its shape: SEAFAN

60 Wheaton who played himself on "The Big Bang Theory": WIL

61 *Defeat soundly: BEATTHEPANTSOFF

64 More despicable: BASER

65 Talk trash to: DIS

66 Cork's country: EIRE

67 Cowboy singer Gene: AUTRY

68 Uneaten morsel: ORT

69 Ship in Genesis: ARK


1 *Flaky type: SPACECADET

2 Cheerios grain: OAT

3 Came down in flakes: SNOWED

4 Plastering strip: LATH

5 Value system: ETHIC

6 Tied, as a score: EVENED

7 "Seats all taken" sign: SRO

8 Archrivals: NEMESES

9 Asian laptop brand: ACER

10 Barrett of gossip: RONA

11 Tolkien tree race: ENTS

12 Macedonian neighbor: SERB

15 MLB's Astros, on scoreboards: HOU

16 "Fiddle-__!": FADDLE

17 Trifling: MERE

22 Battering __: RAM

24 Spot on the tube: TVAD

26 Vote of support: YEA

28 *Employment field: LINEOFWORK

29 Keats works: ODES

30 Vets' concerns: PETS

31 Rave's partner: RANT

32 Dog in the comics: ODIE

34 Brouhaha: ADO

37 Owner's document: DEED

38 Blunder: ERR

39 Mad Magazine mascot Alfred E. __: NEUMAN

42 Idle talk: CHATTER

44 Bounced-check letters: NSF

46 Reckless: RASH

47 Racer's bathing suit: SPEEDO

49 Naturally brewed beverage: SUNTEA

51 Animal with a snout: TAPIR

53 Vitality: LIFE

54 Santa helper: ELF

55 Palindromic pop group: ABBA

56 Steady guy: BEAU

57 Toward sunrise: EAST

59 Speedy: FAST

62 "Do or do not. There is no __": Yoda: TRY

63 Title for Paul or Ringo: SIR

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