LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 6 April 2022

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Los Angeles Times 6 April 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 6 April 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Bank security device, briefly: CCTV

5 Aim high: GOBIG

10 Harvest: REAP

14 "Fancy meeting you here!": OHHI

15 Vital vessel: AORTA

16 Semi bar: AXLE

17 Gardener's buy: SEED

18 Shoulder warmer: SHAWL

19 Table parts: FEET

20 Region on the South China Sea: MACAO

22 Members with unflinching loyalty: STALWARTS

24 Landlord's sign: TOLET

26 __ Ellen, J.R.'s wife on "Dallas": SUE

27 Maximum: CAP

28 HHS agency: FDA

29 Exchange need: RECEIPT

32 12-Down output: IPA

33 "No problem!": EASY

35 ER skill practiced on a doll: CPR

36 Pet-adoption ads, briefly: PSAS

38 Part of MB: BYTE

39 Couldn't refuse: HADTO

41 Text recipient: CELL

44 Tattoo parlor supplies: INKS

46 Pussy-cat's partner, in verse: OWL

47 One with many limbs: TREE

48 Facebook barrage, at times: ADS

50 Unconscious: OUTCOLD

53 "Srsly?!": OMG

54 Media-monitoring org.: FCC

55 "Up First" network: NPR

56 Flu fighter: SERUM

58 Emotionally break down: FALLAPART

62 "__ while they're hot!": GETEM

64 Bicolor cookie: OREO

65 Dinnertime draws: ODORS

67 Italian tower city: PISA

68 End of the line: REAR

69 Burning again: RELIT

70 Column in math: ONES

71 Risk it: DARE

72 Walk heavily: TROMP

73 Pursue: SEEK


1 Micro- ending: COSM

2 Calorie counter's break: CHEATDAY

3 "It's safe to come out": THECOASTISCLEAR

4 Author Gore: VIDAL

5 Fun time, in slang: GAS

6 Fireworks cries: OOHS

7 Frank's cousin: BRAT

8 Formal confession: ITWASI

9 Predictors of most 20th-century U.S. presidential elections: GALLUPPOLLS

10 Nadal's nickname: RAFA

11 Workout suggested by the circled letters and their orientation: EXERCISEROUTINE

12 Pub dispenser: ALETAP

13 Pampering spot for cats and dogs: PETSPA

21 Above, in poems: OER

23 Dampens: WETS

25 User's rescuer: TECHSUPPORT

28 Winter mo.: FEB

30 Bookkeeping pro: CPA

31 Triage MD: ERDOC

34 Craving: YEN

37 Pretense that's put on: ACT

40 28-Down number: TWO

42 "I wanna look!": LEMMESEE

43 Thanksgiving dinner choice: LEG

45 Hawaii's __ Coast: KONA

48 Pay for on one's own: AFFORD

49 Georgetown Univ. locale: DCAREA

51 Wall Street regular: TRADER

52 Ph.D., e.g.: DEG

57 Targets for towers: REPOS

59 Mythology: LORE

60 Caramel-centered treat: ROLO

61 Request at the barbershop: TRIM

63 Render indistinct, as an odor: MASK

66 Longtime NASCAR sponsor: STP

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