LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 6 August 2020

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Los Angeles Times 6 August 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 6 August 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Spirited French commune? COGNAC

7 Like Wicca, say: PAGAN

12 Not many: FEW

15 Dawn goddess: AURORA

16 Coffeehouse draw: AROMA

17 Hagen of the theater: UTA

18 *Scout leader's unit: BROWNIETROOP

20 UPS rival: DHL

21 Take top prize for: WINAT

22 Hauled: DRAGGED

24 Specialized job: NICHE

27 Try a new color on: REDYE

29 Claudius' successor: NERO

30 Another, in Acapulco: OTRA

31 Excessive: UNDUE

32 U.K. fliers: RAF

33 Father's Day pin: TIETAC

35 *Ragtime pianist's number: CAKEWALK

39 AOL or MSN: ISP

40 A lot of hooey: CLAPTRAP

43 Hoodwink: CON

44 *Analyst's infographic: PIECHART

46 A bit much: TOOTOO

48 Manta __: RAY

49 Like some perfume: MUSKY

52 Blog entry: POST

53 One of the basic tastes: SOUR

55 Sans-serif font: ARIAL

56 Tackle box assortment: LURES

57 Warm greeting: EMBRACE

59 Tibet neighbor: NEPAL

61 Capture: NAB

62 Appropriate reward, as often misspelled ... and what the starts of the answers to starred clues might be: JUSTDESSERTS

67 That yacht: SHE

68 Pianist Rubinstein: ARTUR

69 Comparable to a pin: ASNEAT

70 Bud's place: EAR

71 Many a Bob Marley fan: RASTA

72 They're often at the bottoms of columns: TOTALS


1 Popular red: CAB

2 Group possessive: OUR

3 Garden adspeak word: GRO

4 "Another problem?!": NOWWHAT

5 Golf icon Palmer: ARNIE

6 Genesis farmer: CAIN

7 Stroked gently: PATTED

8 Flight info abbr.: ARR

9 Michelin rival: GOODYEAR

10 Love, in Pisa: AMORE

11 Source of much 1-Down: NAPA

12 *Arbitrary error allowance: FUDGEFACTOR

13 Bygone anesthetic: ETHER

14 Guy found in kids' books: WALDO

19 Bring home: EARN

23 Chew (on): GNAW

24 Payback for lousy service: NOTIP

25 Formal "Just me": ITISI

26 *Boot sole material: CREPERUBBER

28 Tear dispenser: DUCT

31 Pac-12 team: UCLA

32 Default takeback: REPO

34 Sore from a workout: ACHY

36 Singer Perry: KATY

37 __ cannon: LOOSE

38 Rustic pine features: KNOTS

41 Loveseat sides: ARMRESTS

42 Spitting sound: PTUI

45 Novelist Caleb: CARR

47 Swank: OPULENT

50 Oh of "Killing Eve": SANDRA

51 "Cat and Bird" artist: KLEE

53 Taste, for one: SENSE

54 Nebraska city: OMAHA

55 High-end Honda: ACURA

56 Cowboy rope: LASSO

58 Slightly open: AJAR

60 Exam for jrs.: PSAT

63 Tsk relative: TUT

64 "The Crying Game" actor Stephen: REA

65 1960-'61 chess champ: TAL

66 GPS displays: STS

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