LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 6 December 2016

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Los Angeles Times 6 December 2016 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 6 December 2016

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Rodent Templeton in "Charlotte's Web," for one: RAT

4 Provide with more than enough: SATIATE

11 Miner's target: ORE

14 Flightless bird: EMU

15 Memorable Greek shipping magnate: ONASSIS

16 Aggravate: VEX

17 Bake sale confections made with root veggies: CARROTCAKES

19 Finish off: EAT

20 Chance for a hit: ATBAT

21 Asia's __ Darya river: AMU

22 Cornstarch brand in a yellow-and-blue container: ARGO

23 Chair or bench: SEAT

24 Shine-minimizing makeup layer: FACEPOWDER

27 Harmonious: TUNEFUL

29 Scare: DAUNT

30 Soon-to-be grads.: SRS

31 Vanity cases? EGOS

33 Plagues: BESETS

34 Wireless networking protocol: BLUETOOTH

36 Degenerate, like Agnew's snobs: EFFETE

39 Apt name for a Dalmatian: SPOT

40 Mil. academy: OCS

43 Black, in Bordeaux: NOIRE

44 Like the flame at Arlington National Cemetery: ETERNAL

46 Pop's pop: GRANDDADDY

50 Vacation site you might sail to: ISLE

51 Painter Magritte: RENE

52 Managed care gp.: HMO

53 Follow, as advice: ACTON

54 "Fear the Walking Dead" network: AMC

55 Driver's alert about an infant, and a hint to what can precede both words of 17-, 24-, 34- and 46-Across: BABYONBOARD

58 Peace symbol: VEE

59 Central Texas city: ABILENE

60 Bestow, to Burns: GIE

61 Chemical suffix with benz-: ENE

62 Cut at an angle: MITERED

63 Always, to Poe: EER


1 Finds new players for: RECASTS

2 One who plays without pay: AMATEUR

3 Wrapped headdresses: TURBANS

4 Chimney residue: SOOT

5 Colony insect: ANT

6 Tic-toe filler: TAC

7 Father of Jacob and Esau: ISAAC

8 Words on a volunteer's badge: ASKME

9 Highway headache: TIEUP

10 Half a figure eight: ESS

11 Late in arriving: OVERDUE

12 Substance used for chemical analysis: REAGENT

13 Obtains via coercion, as money: EXTORTS

18 Part of APR: RATE

22 Knee-deep (in): AWASH

24 Bach work: FUGUE

25 Therapeutic plant: ALOE

26 Prince Siegfried's beloved, in "Swan Lake": ODETTE

28 Like pool tables: FELTED

32 Ave. crossers: STS

33 Swag: BOOTY

34 Suisse capital: BERNE

35 Newspaper page with views: OPED

36 Personalize at the jeweler's: ENGRAVE

37 Work site supervisors: FOREMEN

38 Bride-to-be: FIANCEE

40 Performing in a theater: ONSTAGE

41 Dieter's unit: CALORIE

42 Thin: SLENDER

45 Man who "wore a diamond," in "Copacabana": RICO

47 Abu __: DHABI

48 Realm of influence: AMBIT

49 Holmes' creator: DOYLE

53 Still sleeping: ABED

55 "Kapow!": BAM

56 "__ the land of the free ... ": OER

57 SSW's opposite: NNE

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