LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 6 December 2018

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Los Angeles Times 6 December 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 6 December 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Free-speech inhibitor: GAGLAW

7 Rep.'s opponent: DEM

10 Southwest art colony: TAOS

14 From the beginning: AFRESH

15 Blood type letters: ABO

16 Palindromic French pronoun: ELLE

17 Heist that really puts a burglar on the map? BREAKOUTBREAKIN

20 Seeded: SOWN

21 Corrida cheer: OLE

22 Cable network that airs vintage sitcoms: TVLAND

23 Place for rest and exercise: SPA

24 AFL partner: CIO

25 Retro renege? BACKINBACKOUT

32 "Me too": SODOI

33 Word with goal or detail: ORIENTED

35 Remote power sources: AAAS

36 Bucks: MOOLA

38 Top of le corps: TETE

39 Purplish reds: CRIMSONS

41 Oil __: BARON

42 Unexpected visit from a hippie? DROPOUTDROPIN

45 Two for dinner? ENS

46 Made a getaway: RAN

47 Performer with a record 21 Oscar nominations: STREEP

51 ESPN broadcaster Shriver: PAM

52 Energy units: ERGS

56 Scene-stealing understudy? STANDINSTANDOUT

59 Sushi seaweed: NORI

60 Trauma ctrs.: ERS

61 Delicate: DAINTY

62 Did 90, say: SPED

63 Took a load off: SAT

64 Relaxed: ATEASE


1 Speaks freely: GABS

2 Spherical hairdo: AFRO

3 Went up a size: GREW

4 Low-fat: LEAN

5 Say "pretty please," say: ASK

6 Actress Goldberg: WHOOPI

7 Oasis fruit: DATE

8 Weaken: EBB

9 Wednesday's mom: MORTICIA

10 Blue-green hue: TEAL

11 __-Seltzer: ALKA

12 Lena of "Alias": OLIN

13 Really excite: SEND

18 __ Bator: ULAN

19 Call to mind: EVOKE

23 Master moguls: SKI

24 Fenway great Yastrzemski: CARL

25 Corporate body: BOARD

26 Red who put out fires: ADAIR

27 Jerry's neighbor: COSMO

28 Help for a child at a parade: BOOST

29 Like some bar offerings: ONTAP

30 Development sites: UTERI

31 Grand __ National Park: TETON

32 __ bunt: productive MLB out: SAC

34 Mink lair: DEN

36 Marshmallow-filled treats: MOONPIES

37 Burden: ONUS

40 Clip: SPEED

41 "__ app├ętit!": BON

43 "Shoot!": DRAT

44 Wyndham-owned chain: RAMADA

47 Taxpayer IDs: SSNS

48 Firebird roof option: TTOP

49 More than pink: RARE

50 City near Vance Air Force Base: ENID

51 Hissed attention-getter: PSST

52 Pop singer Brickell: EDIE

53 "Mazes and Monsters" novelist Jaffe: RONA

54 Inner workings: GUTS

55 Lid problem: STYE

57 FDR agency: NRA

58 __ King Cole: NAT

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