LA Times Crossword answers Friday 6 December 2019

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Los Angeles Times 6 December 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 6 December 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Skip: BYPASS

7 Say good things about: LAUD

11 Umami source, briefly: MSG

14 City grid feature: AVENUE

15 Detective's need: INFO

16 "So there it is!": AHA

17 Street stand with full permits? LEGALVENDOR

19 Filch: ROB

20 Tee preceder: ESS

21 Sufferer cleansed by Jesus: LEPER

22 See 35-Down: GIRL

23 "Who wants to visit Muscle Beach?"? VENICEANYONE

26 AFC South athletes: TITANS

29 Sen. Warren, e.g.: DEM

30 "... for none of woman __ / Shall harm Macbeth": BORN

31 Receipt: SALESSLIP

37 Got ready to binge-watch ... or a hint to phonetic changes in four puzzle answers: SWITCHEDONTHETV

40 Shutterbug who bugs: PAPARAZZO

41 Brewer's kiln: OAST

42 VW Golf model: GTI

43 Considered to be: SEENAS

45 Dumps litter in the woods, e.g.? VEXESRANGERS

51 Stout choices: ALES

52 Violate a truce: REARM

53 Onetime part of Portuguese India: GOA

56 Drug injector: PEN

57 King's pulse, BP, etc.? ROYALVITALS

60 Tokyo-born artist: ONO

61 Group with pledges: FRAT

62 "Quit it!": ENOUGH

63 Was the boss of: RAN

64 Numbers game: KENO

65 Pinball wizard's reward: REPLAY


1 Farm storage unit: BALE

2 First name in couture: YVES

3 Categorizes: PEGS

4 Carrier with Tokyo HQ: ANA

5 In a dark mood: SULLEN

6 Winning slot machine line: SEVENS

7 Where to claim a W-4 head-of-household allowance: LINEC

8 Author Gide: ANDRE

9 Airborne mystery: UFO

10 Palme __: film award: DOR

11 Super __: MARIO

12 Cut off: SHORN

13 Gothic architecture feature: GABLE

18 56-Across prefix: EPI

22 Fitness training apparel: GYMSHOES

23 Superior positions: VANTAGES

24 Port SSE of Sana'a: ADEN

25 Source of tweets: NEST

26 Culinary meas.: TBSP

27 "Field of Dreams" locale: IOWA

28 Vacation option: TRIP

31 "__ who?": SEZ

32 Hatchet relative: ADZ

33 John in Albert Hall: LOO

34 Steakhouse order: LEAN

35 With 22-Across, proud parent's cry: ITSA

36 Low mil. ranks: PVTS

38 Old PC monitors: CRTS

39 '60s musical: HAIR

43 Sommelier, e.g.: SERVER

44 White weasel: ERMINE

45 Steam, for one: VAPOR

46 John Paul's successor: ELENA

47 Element from the Greek for "strange": XENON

48 Indo-__ languages: ARYAN

49 "Peachy!": NEATO

50 128 fl. oz.: GAL

53 Conquest for Caesar: GAUL

54 Lingerie brand: OLGA

55 Grayish: ASHY

57 '60s A.G.: RFK

58 Natural resource: ORE

59 Word with dollar or dog: TOP

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