LA Times Crossword answers Monday 6 December 2021

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Los Angeles Times 6 December 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 6 December 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Mexican dip: SALSA

6 Kitten-lifting spot: NAPE

10 "Notorious" Supreme Court justice, initially: RBG

13 Gold miner's staked-out land: CLAIM

14 Polishes, as text: EDITS

16 Botch the job, say: ERR

17 *Cage for a bunny: RABBITHUTCH

19 Actress Zadora: PIA

20 Moody music genre: EMO

21 __ Grey tea: EARL

22 Wasn't feeling well: AILED

24 Early bird's reward: WORM

26 *Tool for filling in holes in the wall: PUTTYKNIFE

29 Blackjack card: ACE

31 "Superman"' actor Christopher: REEVE

32 Hooded snake: COBRA

35 Final Four org.: NCAA

37 Dutch cheese town: EDAM

40 *Bow users' musical ensemble: STRINGORCHESTRA

43 "The jig __": ISUP

44 Double-reed wind: OBOE

45 Trio in H2O: ATOMS

46 Barnes' bookselling partner: NOBLE

48 Italian three: TRE

49 *Skin response to fear or cold: GOOSEFLESH

53 Applies with a Q-tip: DABS

57 Finance whiz Suze: ORMAN

58 Christmas song: NOEL

60 Rapper __ Kim: LIL

61 Oral health initials: ADA

62 "C'mon, get serious!" ... and an admonition evidently ignored by the starts of the answers to starred clues: DONTBESILLY

66 Part of mph: PER

67 Promised to tell the truth: SWORE

68 "There's no such thing as a free lunch," e.g.: ADAGE

69 Hosp. triage areas: ERS

70 Still-life subject: EWER

71 Printer supply: TONER


1 Carpenter's fastener: SCREW

2 Mission to remember: ALAMO

3 Materials partner on a repair bill: LABOR

4 Member of the fam: SIB

5 Gallic girlfriend: AMIE

6 Indira Gandhi's father: NEHRU

7 Grownup: ADULT

8 Racetrack stop: PIT

9 And so on, briefly: ETC

10 Answered, as an email: REPLIEDTO

11 Lawyer's filing: BRIEF

12 Student's mark: GRADE

15 Ice cream drink: SHAKE

18 Scotch or masking: TAPE

23 Played the market: INVESTED

25 California county that contains parts of Yosemite National Park: MARIPOSA

27 Copy on transparent paper: TRACE

28 "You betcha!": YEAH

30 Recycle bin item: CAN

32 CBS forensic series: CSI

33 NFL tiebreakers: OTS

34 Multiple Grammy winner featured on "Uptown Funk": BRUNOMARS

35 Prize since 1901: NOBEL

36 __-Magnon: CRO

38 Vaccination spot: ARM

39 More, in Madrid: MAS

41 Game with putting: GOLF

42 Lend an __: listen: EAR

47 Is flexible: BENDS

48 You, biblically: THEE

49 Flip out: GOAPE

50 Trial judge's demand: ORDER

51 Between, in French: ENTRE

52 Like a designated driver: SOBER

54 Poe's middle name: ALLAN

55 Ship's hull region: BILGE

56 More cunning: SLYER

59 Aspiring DA's exam: LSAT

63 Be obligated to: OWE

64 "Don't delay!": NOW

65 Pre-marital (just barely) promise: IDO

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