LA Times Crossword answers Monday 6 February 2017

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Los Angeles Times 6 February 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 6 February 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Most musicals have two: ACTS

5 Start to faceted or purpose: MULTI

10 Modern organizers, for short: PDAS

14 Countenance: MIEN

15 In front: AHEAD

16 Wine prefix: OENO

17 First chip in the poker pot: ANTE

18 Football with scrums: RUGBY

19 Songwriter Kristofferson: KRIS

20 Player who shoots par regularly: SCRATCHGOLFER

23 Malted relative: SHAKE

24 Magnolia State school, familiarly: OLEMISS

27 Baseball misplays: ERRORS

31 Calendar page: MONTH

32 Floppy disk backup device: ZIPDRIVE

35 Forest official: RANGER

36 Angsty rock genre: EMO

37 Michelangelo statue: PIETA

39 R&B's __ Hill: DRU

40 Changes gears: SHIFTS

43 Ballad for a valentine: LOVESONG

46 Start of a Poitier film title: TOSIR

47 Seek ambitiously: ASPIRE

48 O. Henry works: STORIES

50 Mexican dip: SALSA

54 Virtually zero, and where the ends of 20-, 32- and 43-Across are literally situated: NEXTTONOTHING

58 Slick-talking: GLIB

60 Jokes and such: HUMOR

61 Cupid: AMOR

62 Save for binge-watching, say: TIVO

63 '50s nuclear trial: ATEST

64 Dressed in: WORE

65 River of Hades: STYX

66 Barcelona babies: NENES

67 Joint commonly replaced: KNEE


1 Accumulate, as a fortune: AMASS

2 Easy-peasy task: CINCH

3 Aquarium fish: TETRA

4 Moved stealthily: SNEAKED

5 Artist Chagall: MARC

6 "Nah": UHUH

7 __ Mason: investment giant: LEGG

8 No-nos: TABOOS

9 Poem of rustic life: IDYLL

10 Critters hunted with a hugely popular 2016 mobile app: POKEMON

11 Heroic exploits: DERRINGDO

12 Young Darth's nickname: ANI

13 Distress signal at sea: SOS

21 La. or Dak., once: TERR

22 Disaster relief org.: FEMA

25 Titanic rear end: STERN

26 "So what" shoulder gesture: SHRUG

28 Fabric flaws: RIPS

29 Egg: Pref.: OVI

30 Fishing line holders: REELS

32 Thin citrus peels: ZESTS

33 Words spoken by a sweater? IMHOT

34 Plant responsible for much itching: POISONIVY

35 Sitarist Shankar: RAVI

38 High side: TOP

41 Locomotive furnace: FIREBOX

42 Cereal coveted by a silly rabbit: TRIX

44 Former "formerly": ERST

45 Seattle football pro: SEAHAWK

47 Sharp as a tack: ASTUTE

49 Wharton's Frome: ETHAN

51 Chihuahua citrus fruit: LIMON

52 Boring lecture, for example: SNORE

53 Share the same opinion: AGREE

55 Dark clouds, perhaps: OMEN

56 Aroma detector: NOSE

57 Leftover bits: ORTS

58 Classic sports cars: GTS

59 Set fire to: LIT

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