LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 6 February 2018

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Los Angeles Times 6 February 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 6 February 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Jazz singer Simone: NINA

5 Colorado ski resort: ASPEN

10 Apple computer with a Magic Keyboard: IMAC

14 Ambulance-calling situation: Abbr.: EMER

15 Take off: LEAVE

16 Fizzy drink: COLA

17 Cold dish topped with hard-boiled egg: CHEFSSALAD

19 Grasp: HOLD

20 Sent to the canvas: KOD

21 Japanese beef city: KOBE

22 Wisdom tooth, e.g.: MOLAR

23 Having many curves: SNAKY

25 Longtime Susan Lucci soap role: ERICAKANE

28 Bully's warning words: ORELSE

30 A cat may climb one: TREE

31 Beginning: ORIGIN

32 Skater's surface: ICE

33 Tiny amount: DRIB

37 Place for pillow talk: BED

38 It clicks on the dance floor: TAPSHOE

41 Crown installer's org.: ADA

42 Picked out of a lineup, briefly: IDED

44 Fizzy drink: POP

45 "Here's the deal ... ": LISTEN

47 Metal in steel: IRON

49 Hire, as a lawyer: RETAIN

50 Appear intermittently: COMEANDGO

54 Nocturnal calls: HOOTS

56 Wonderland visitor: ALICE

57 Simplify: EASE

59 Tiny insect egg: NIT

60 Bread for a gyro: PITA

61 It may be a boundary between neighboring countries ... or what each set of circles depicts? BORDERLAKE

64 Nights before: EVES

65 Confess: ADMIT

66 Radar screen spot: BLIP

67 Take a break: REST

68 Medicinal amounts: DOSES

69 Flies on a fast plane: JETS


1 Mandolin parts: NECKS

2 Bit of gratitude from an award recipient: IMHONORED

3 Driver's invitation: NEEDARIDE

4 [I want a treat!]: ARF

5 As well: ALSO

6 Naval builder: SEABEE

7 Not as tanned: PALER

8 Juan Per—n's wife: EVA

9 Homer Simpson's friend Flanders: NED

10 "The pressure was too much for me": ICHOKED

11 Greenbacks: MOOLA

12 Hunter Quatermain of "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen": ALLAN

13 Close-knit group: CADRE

18 Like greenhouses: SKYLIT

22 West of old films: MAE

24 Brewery container: KEG

26 Rash symptom: ITCH

27 New Orleans cuisine: CREOLE

29 Attach with a click: SNAPON

31 Back-tied sash: OBI

32 Co. for Web users: ISP

34 Underlying reason: RATIONALE

35 Police artist's composite pic maker: IDENTIKIT

36 Blackball: BAN

39 Duck's habitat: POND

40 "Your choice": EITHER

43 Like many metal toys: DIECAST

46 __ Tomé: SAO

48 Singer Carly __ Jepsen: RAE

49 Rock band's helper: ROADIE

50 Zany adventure: CAPER

51 Martini fruit: OLIVE

52 Tiny parasites: MITES

53 Causes of illness: GERMS

55 Fitbit units: STEPS

58 Film backdrops: SETS

61 No longer edible: BAD

62 Prefix with meter: ODO

63 Prez whose library is in Austin: LBJ

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