LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 6 February 2020

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Los Angeles Times 6 February 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 6 February 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Diamond problem: FLAW

5 Plush carpet: SHAG

9 Test versions: BETAS

14 Feminist poet Adrienne: RICH

15 It's partially submerged: HULL

16 Valuable violin: AMATI

17 Italian wine region: ASTI

18 Founder of Edom: ESAU

19 R2-D2 or BB-8, e.g.: ROBOT

20 Parvenu's business venture? UPSTARTSTARTUP

23 Beantown NHL nickname: ESPO

24 "__ whiz!": GEE

25 Quarterback's nonchalant move? OFFHANDHANDOFF

32 Vague time period: WHILE

33 Spots for AirPods: EARS

34 One may be decorated for the holidays: FIR

35 Sprightly: AIRY

36 Marmalade bits: RINDS

38 __ Ren, "Star Wars" villain: KYLO

39 Trig. function: COS

40 Aloha State bird: NENE

41 Plumlike fruit: SLOES

42 Down Under withdrawal? OUTBACKBACKOUT

46 Disney doe: ENA

47 It's just over a foot: SHIN

48 TSA agent's perfected search technique? DOWNPATPATDOWN

55 Tropical porch: LANAI

56 Murdoch who received the 1978 Booker Prize for "The Sea, the Sea": IRIS

57 "What's the big __?": IDEA

58 Habituate: INURE

59 Retail outlet: MART

60 Mattress option: KING

61 Zaps: TASES

62 Neverland pirate: SMEE

63 What this puzzle does here: ENDS


1 German spouse: FRAU

2 Speech therapy target: LISP

3 Tries to look: ACTS

4 Plant leaf pest: WHITEFLY

5 Himalayan guide: SHERPA

6 "Prizzi's Honor" director or actress: HUSTON

7 Word of regret: ALAS

8 Excess: GLUT

9 Scrubby wastelands: BARRENS

10 Chewed the scenery: EMOTED

11 Perfume that sounds forbidden: TABU

12 Surmounting: ATOP

13 "Pull up a chair": SIT

21 Arthur in the International Tennis Hall of Fame: ASHE

22 Seaweed-based thickeners: AGARS

25 Buckeye State sch.: OHIOU

26 Leading: FIRST

27 Brightest star in Cygnus: DENEB

28 Taken in: HAD

29 "All Because __": 2005 U2 song: OFYOU

30 Steakhouse order: FILET

31 Picked dos: FROS

32 Dr Pepper Museum city: WACO

36 Postgame postmortem: RECAP

37 Skin pics: INK

38 Yukon gold rush region: KLONDIKE

40 Au pairs: NANNIES

41 Burlesque bit: SKIT

43 "'__ the Jabberwock, my son!'": Carroll: BEWARE

44 Have great plans: ASPIRE

45 Pure: CHASTE

48 Mike's "Wayne's World" co-star: DANA

49 Obligation: ONUS

50 Gets in the crosshairs, with "at": AIMS

51 Disneyland transport: TRAM

52 Norse god: ODIN

53 Make (one's way): WEND

54 Old horses: NAGS

55 Put a match to: LIT

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