LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 6 February 2021

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Los Angeles Times 6 February 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 6 February 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Big name: SUPERSTAR

10 Put together: BUILT

15 Early program marketing method: SHAREWARE

16 Clarinetist Shaw: ARTIE

17 Passing words: NONEFORME

18 Comes up: RISES

19 Byron's "__ Walks in Beauty": SHE

20 Pressed: URGED

21 24-Across' love, with "the": BEAST

22 "God in His wisdom made the fly / And then forgot to tell us why" poet Nash: OGDEN

23 Campus building word: HALL

24 21-Across' love: BELLE

27 Satisfied for now, with "over": TIDED

29 Trip-taking aid: LSD

32 Biting: ACID

33 Alarmist: FEARMONGER

35 Been in the fridge for too long: GONEBAD

37 "That I can answer!": EASYONE

38 Justice who clerked for Thurgood Marshall: ELENAKAGAN

40 Bottom-line bummer: LOSS

41 Spill preventer: LID

42 Shroud: BEDIM

43 Presages: BODES

44 Uses Venmo, say: PAYS

46 Held for a more opportune time: SATON

48 Not suitable: INAPT

50 Bridge action: REBID

51 Harley-Davidson's NYSE symbol: HOG

54 Household nickname: POPPA

55 Self-reflection period: ALONETIME

57 The "O" in football's OBJ: ODELL

58 Ready to be turned on: PLUGGEDIN

59 Shemar's "Criminal Minds" role: DEREK

60 Two-person exchange: TETEATETE


1 Figures to protect, briefly: SSNS

2 "Here comes trouble!": UHOH

3 Glazier's job: PANE

4 "Blood hath been shed __ now": Macbeth: ERE

5 Harbor: REFUGE

6 Symbol of military power: SWORD

7 Marketing tailored to personal tastes: TARGETEDAD

8 Georgia neighbor: ARMENIA

9 Oboist's need: REED

10 Rihanna's birthplace: BARBADOS

11 One of the archangels: URIEL

12 "We're cool": ITSALLGOOD

13 Rests: LIES

14 Final, e.g.: TEST

22 Long-ago: OLDEN

23 10-Across dude: HEMAN

24 Everything __: BAGEL

25 Food recall trigger: ECOLI

26 Binder filler, perhaps: LINEDPAPER

28 Fervently hope for: DREAMABOUT

30 Make __: SENSE

31 Get ready, as for a fancy dinner: DRESS

33 Forges: FAKES

34 Common toothbrush material: NYLON

36 Speech that's hard to follow: BABYTALK

39 Ballet whose title heroine dies in Act I: GISELLE

43 Barrio market: BODEGA

45 With 48-Down, only its Touch is still in production: APPLE

47 Trace amount: TINGE

48 See 45-Down: IPOD

49 Joint: NODE

50 Mesmerized: RAPT

51 Surprise party cry: HIDE

52 Leave unsaid: OMIT

53 Trait carrier: GENE

56 Saigon New Year: TET

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