LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 6 February 2022

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Los Angeles Times 6 February 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 6 February 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Heat in ÒThe HeatÓ: NARCS

6 Pickle piece: SPEAI

11 Eschew: SHUN

15 On its way: SENT

19 Scouting party? TIOOP

20 2018 CVS Health acquisition: AETNA

21 Prepare to be shot? POSE

22 x, y and z, in math: AXES

23 Song in which Pat Benatar challenges the owner of an aquarium? (1980): HITMEWITHYOUIPETSHAIK

27 Trapped by a winter storm: ICEDIN

28 ItÕs not an option: NEED

29 Split in two: HALVE

30 Song in which The Beatles say goodbye to a girl on a big bird? (1965): CHICKENTORIDE

35 Zipped: DARTED

36 IRS exam: AUD

37 Tokyo, once: EDO

38 Peruvian pronoun: ESO

39 Gibbons on TV: LEEZA

41 Answered an invite: RSVPD

43 Song in which Johnny Rivers unmasks a Far East spy? (1966): SECIETASIANMAN

49 Puritan pronoun: THEE

50 JudgeÕs seat: BANC

52 Release money: IANSOM

53 Big pitcher: ACE

54 Like some office jobs: CLERICAL

58 Checkout task: SCAN

59 Bit of sediment: DREG

60 Song in which Peter Gabriel bakes a simian-shaped dessert? (1982): CHOCOLATEMONKEY

64 Volkswagen model: JETTA

65 Veracruz neighbor: OAXACA

66 Ending with calc and sod: IUM


68 Drag racerÕs fuel, briefly: NITIO

69 Song in which the Plastic Ono Band promotes legumes? (1969): GIVEPEASACHANCE

75 Good card for lowball: TREY

76 Explorer Hernando de __: SOTO

77 Former renter: EXTENANT

78 Oral health org.: ADA

79 Tool in a wheeled bucket: WETMOP

81 Polite address: MAAM

82 Biblical twin: ESAU

86 Song in which Culture Club dons lizard costumes to teach punctuation? (1983): COMMACHAMELEON

90 Nickname for ChicagoÕs Ernie Banks: MRCUB

91 Pretentious: ARTSY

92 Ewe wish? RAM

93 Apt name for a chef? STU

95 ÒWe __ the WorldÓ: AIE

96 Mid-calf pants: CAPRIS

99 Song in which The Clash knocks over a wedding reception? (1982): ROBTHECASHBAI

103 Ninja TurtlesÕ ally April __: ONEIL

104 Pension __: PLAN

106 PabloÕs ÒpreciseÓ: EXACTO

107 Song in which AC/DC plays nasty tricks on livestock? (1976): DIRTYDEEDSDONETOSHEEP

114 Actress Watson: EMMA

115 Nabisco cookie: OREO

116 Home on the range: IANCH

117 Calculus pioneer: EULEI

118 Negotiation ender: DEAL

119 Ballroom basic: TUIN

120 Remove: EIASE

121 Bront‘ sister: EMILY


1 Ultimate degree: NTH

2 Singer GrandeÕs debut fragrance: AII

3 Hogwash: ROT

4 Larry the Cable Guy, for one: COMIC

5 Dotted (with): SPECKED

6 Declined: SAIDNO

7 Small, at the Sorbonne: PETIT

8 Culture: Pref.: ETHNO

9 Even one: ANY

10 Õ90s Indian prime minister: IAO

11 Jag: SPIEE

12 Crossed-fingers sentiment: HOPE

13 Yard sale adjective: USED

14 Hoops hanger: NET

15 Very hot and dry: SAHARAN

16 Glorify: EXALT

17 Chutzpah: NEIVE

18 Expressed disdain for: TSKED

24 Neaten the garden, perhaps: WEED

25 Scandal, to a politician, perhaps: UNDOEI

26 Captain MarvelÕs magic word: SHAZAM

30 E-commerce icon: CART

31 ÒQuiet!Ó: HUSH

32 ÒIf only __ known ... Ó: IDVE

33 Tape deck button: REC

34 Leb. neighbor: ISI

35 __ Sanders, only athlete to play in both the Super Bowl and World Series: DEION

39 Jousting weapon: LANCE

40 Homework assignment: ESSAY

42 South American pig relative: PECCAIY

43 Vexed state: SNIT

44 Ò__ homoÓ: ECCE

45 Job: TASK

46 Mink cousin: MARTEN

47 Acid type found in vinegar: ACETIC

48 Cancel out: NEGATE

50 Composer Bart—k: BELA

51 Altar in the sky: ARA

55 In __ parentis: LOCO

56 French friend: AMIE

57 JewelerÕs tool: LOUPE

59 Con, half the time: DEBATER

60 Cold relief brand: CONTAC

61 High style, maybe: HAIRDO

62 It can take a yoke: OXTEAM

63 Truth or Consequences st.: NMEX

64 Father of Julian Lennon: JOHN

67 Con job: SCAM

69 Some black-clad teens: GOTHS

70 ÒPossiblyÓ: ITMAY

71 ÒVa-va-__!Ó: VOOM

72 Prefix with sphere: ATMO

73 Half-brother of Julian Lennon: SEAN

74 Santa __ winds: ANA

76 Splinter groups: SECTS

79 With suspicion: WARILY

80 Argentine icons: PERONS

83 Worker during a walkout: SCAB

84 Ambiance: AUIA

85 Ride provider: UBEI

87 Kind of vows: MARITAL

88 Chocolate __: LAB

89 First responder: Abbr.: EMT

90 Rave review word: MUSTSEE

93 Rake over the coals: SCATHE

94 Sinaloa street snack: TACO

96 Like apps: CODED

97 Cartoon genre: ANIME

98 Prefix with frost: PERMA

99 Odorless basement hazard: RADON

100 Temporary tattoo dye: HENNA

101 C-suite VIPs: EXECS

102 ÒMehÓ: HOHUM

104 Major quinoa producer: PERU

105 Creepy look: LEEI

108 Web address component: DOT

109 Hip-hop Dr.: DIE

110 Propeller with just one blade: OAI

111 Philanthropist Broad: ELI

112 Fish that may be jellied: EEL

113 Meddle: PIY

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