LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 6 January 2018

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Los Angeles Times 6 January 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 6 January 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Vaudeville show, e.g.: VARIETYACT

11 Cuban pronoun: ESTA

15 Group formed in Cairo in 1945: ARABLEAGUE

16 Make muddy: ROIL

17 Reactionary '60s genre: MINIMALART

18 Unfeeling: NUMB

19 Identifies: PEGS

20 Just: MERE

21 Great canines? DANES

22 Tart fruits: SLOES

24 Is bothered: MINDS

25 More or less, informally: SORTA

29 Brightly plumed songbird: ORIOLE

31 Banned chem. contaminant: PCB

34 Most lascivious: LEWDEST

36 Mess with: KID

37 Super Bowl MVP after Peyton: ELI

38 Final hour? EXAMDAY

39 Galoot: APE

40 Big automotive initials: REO

41 Like some observant Jews: HASIDIC

42 Designing initials: YSL

43 Place for porcelain, possibly: MANTEL

45 Stuffed fare: TACOS

47 Zero, to Nero: NIHIL

48 Opposite: POLAR

52 Come to pass: OCCUR

53 Cryotherapy offerers: SPAS

57 Give significance to, in a way: NAME

58 Travel in no particular direction: ROAM

59 Trial records: STENONOTES

61 Niggle: CARP

62 Collectible, maybe: OUTOFPRINT

63 Charity: ALMS

64 Double helix pair: DNASTRANDS


1 Improvises: VAMPS

2 King Triton's daughter: ARIEL

3 2011 title cowboy chameleon: RANGO

4 Sacred birds: IBISES

5 Stately street adornment: ELM

6 __ spirit: TEAM

7 School named for a Welsh merchant: YALE

8 Ingredient in the Japanese jellied dessert yokan: AGAR

9 Means of correction: CURE

10 Some action in "Full Metal Jacket" took place on it: TET

11 1844 Verdi opera: ERNANI

12 Seem reasonable: SOUNDOKAY

13 Plot devices for sci-fi travelers: TIMESLIPS

14 Liturgical dress: ALBS

21 Surprise bad guy: DIRTYCOP

23 One who gets it all: SOLEHEIR

24 Assembled artwork: MOSAIC

26 Longtime pharmacy chain: REXALL

27 Christmas poem opener: TWAS

28 Let in: ADMIT

30 Pulitzer-winning biographer Leon: EDEL

31 Wave generator? PERM

32 Controversial technology involving carbon capture and storage: CLEANCOAL

33 Part of a fictional six-million-dollar repair: BIONICARM

35 Ancient Icelandic text: EDDA

44 Hits hard: THUMPS

46 Chihuahua neighbor: SONORA

49 Ipso facto, e.g.: LATIN

50 Fix: AMEND

51 Breaks in scores: RESTS

52 Killer whale: ORCA

53 Surprise big-time: STUN

54 Org. promoting veganism: PETA

55 Years in Granada: ANOS

56 __ light: SOFT

59 Land development aid: SOD

60 "On Point" syndicating org.: NPR

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