LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 6 January 2019

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Los Angeles Times 6 January 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 6 January 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Ohm reciprocal: SIEMENS

8 With 123-Across, speaker of the quip: STEVEN

14 Hybrid tableware: SPORK

19 Black Sea country: ROMANIA

20 Poke holes in, as a lawn: AERATE

21 Judge of the Yankees: AARON

22 Start of a quip: IWENTTO

23 Beauty goddesses: GRACES

24 Crunchy snack: FRITO

25 Big Apple restaurateur: SARDI

26 Chef's amts.: TBSPS

28 Dexterity: SLEIGHT

30 "Wedding Bell Blues" soloist Marilyn: MCCOO

32 Org. with an Acid Rain Program: EPA

35 Three before kappa: ETA


45 Monotony metaphor: RUT

46 Heads of the Sorbonne: TETES

47 Sticker: THORN

48 Evil Luthor: LEX

49 Bring out: ELICIT

52 NYC line that stops at Yankee Stadium, familiarly: IRT


55 Quip, part 3: ALLTHEHEADSAND

58 Glee club member: TENOR

59 Expected results: NORMS

60 "__ so you!": ITS

61 Out of shape: BENT

62 Boise's st.: IDA

65 Email afterthoughts: PSS

66 Quip, part 4: ARMS

68 Short alias? AKA

71 European carrier: SAS

72 Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge denizen: NENE

74 Safari beast: GNU

75 Maestro Ozawa: SEIJI

77 Shrek creator William: STEIG

79 Quip, part 5: FROMTHESTATUES

85 "My mom's gonna kill me!": IAMSODEAD

87 Air traffic mgmt. group: FAA

88 Arts section regular: CRITIC

89 __-fi: SCI

90 Frayed: TATTY

91 Either of two hearth borders? AITCH

93 Altar constellation: ARA


99 Rhyming boxer: ALI

100 Work with thread: SEW

101 Calrissian of "Star Wars" films: LANDO

102 Putting out: ISSUING

106 Laker or Raptor, briefly: NBAER

109 Bass-baritone Simon: ESTES

113 Trolley sound: CLANG

114 Lowest points: NADIRS

117 End of the quip: MUSEUMS

119 "War of the Worlds" target: EARTH

120 Play areas: ARENAS

121 Entered stealthily, perhaps: EASEDIN

122 __ tie: TWIST

123 See 8-Across: WRIGHT

124 Letters-to-the-editor writers: READERS


1 Indian titles: SRIS

2 State admitted to the Union after Texas: IOWA

3 Hosp. "room": EMER

4 400+ million of them are produced daily: MANDMS

5 Draw in: ENTICE

6 Insignificant point: NIT

7 Príncipe's island partner: SAOTOME

8 Droops: SAGS

9 Former ACC Cavalier rival: TERP

10 Old-fashioned editing tool: ERASER

11 Little sucker? VAC

12 Seine summer: ETE

13 Loch with a legend: NESS

14 Circus security: SAFETYNET

15 Outcast: PARIAH

16 One may be left in a copier: Abbr.: ORIG

17 __ IRA: ROTH

18 One in a sailor's repertoire: KNOT

27 Dressy pasta? BOWTIES

29 Creepy looks: LEERS

31 Fast sailing ships: CUTTERS

33 Subjects of many online videos: PETCATS

34 Balkan capital: ATHENS

36 Geographical measure: AREA

37 Think (over): MULL

38 Elec., e.g.: UTIL

39 Mount Olympus VIP: HERA

40 Town line sign abbr.: ESTD

41 1950s tennis great Lew: HOAD

42 Dior creations: ALINES

43 Shakespearean title city: VERONA

44 Applies, as pressure: EXERTS

50 Whse. unit: CTN

51 Chain with syrup choices: IHOP

54 Shortest mo.: FEB

56 Eng. ship title: HMS

57 __City: computer game: SIM

62 Refuse to bargain: INSIST

63 Separate: DETACH

64 Lethargy cause: ANEMIA

66 Pain reliever: ANODYNE

67 Daiquiri liquor: RUM

68 DDE opponent: AES

69 Cooking show title word: KITCHEN

70 Barely open: AJAR

73 Köln cooler: EIS

74 Free: GRATIS

75 Mariner's home: SEATTLE

76 "Lord, is __?": Matthew: ITI

78 Matchless one's question: GOTALIGHT

79 Many a political party: FETE

80 Giant in nonstick pans: TFAL

81 Call from the curb: HAIL

82 Six-sided state: UTAH

83 Country name that includes its own abbreviation: EIRE

84 Permanent mark: SCAR

86 "Splish Splash" singer: DARIN

92 Con artist, often: CHARMER

95 Jeers: TAUNTS

96 Street shader: AWNING

97 City east of El Paso: ODESSA

98 How uncut grass goes: TOSEED

102 "Law & Order: SVU" actor: ICET

103 Sandwich side: SLAW

104 Indian garment: SARI

105 Work on, as a bone: GNAW

107 Buddy, in slang: BRAH

108 No. 2: ASST

110 Bit of defiance, in slang: TUDE

111 Gulf States prince: EMIR

112 "Last four" ID verifiers: SSNS

115 Sea-Tac abbr.: ARR

116 Agnus __: DEI

118 Oil-rich fed.: UAE

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