LA Times Crossword answers Monday 6 January 2020

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Los Angeles Times 6 January 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 6 January 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Hired help: STAFF

6 Swiss currency: FRANC

11 Show with a Miami spin-off: CSI

14 With 31-Across, Spanish artist with a Blue Period: PABLO

15 "Chicago" showgirl: ROXIE

16 "2001" computer: HAL

17 *American independence symbol with a storied crack: LIBERTYBELL

19 Civil War prez: ABE

20 Fencing sword: EPEE

21 "__ Haw": HEE

22 About, on a memo: INRE

24 Some MIT grads: EES

25 *1990 Gibson/Hawn film: BIRDONAWIRE

29 Xterra automaker: NISSAN

31 See 14-Across: PICASSO

32 Type: ILK

33 Four qts.: GAL

34 Guy: MAN

35 *Pure chance, in poker and lotteries: LUCKOFTHEDRAW

40 Gym exercise unit: REP

41 Peace symbol: VEE

42 Sticky stuff: GOO

43 One kicked out: EVICTEE

46 Maker of candy "Pieces": REESES

50 *Group of narrow bodies of water in upstate New York: FINGERLAKES

53 European mount: ALP

54 Waggable dog part: TAIL

55 Deux halved: UNE

56 Shpeak thish way: SLUR

57 Cookie container: JAR

58 Female box office star, and what the starts of the answers to starred clues can have: LEADINGLADY

62 All-hrs. cash source: ATM

63 Break up with a partner: ENDIT

64 Mountain song: YODEL

65 "I'll do it!": YES

66 Plant anchors: ROOTS

67 Like Oscar Madison's room: MESSY


1 Organ near the stomach: SPLEEN

2 Taiwan's capital: TAIPEI

3 Monastic sister's superior: ABBESS

4 Run away from: FLEE

5 Jump-joy link: FOR

6 Line cook's cooker: FRYER

7 Dressed like a boxer entering the ring: ROBED

8 Firefighter's tool: AXE

9 Nothing: NIL

10 Pertaining to the abdominal cavity: CELIAC

11 Compelling charm: CHARISMA

12 Handheld reciprocating cutting tool: SABERSAW

13 Land in la mer: ILE

18 Consider: THINKOVER

23 "Straight Outta Compton" rappers: NWA

25 Pitcher's wrong move: BALK

26 Colorful fish: OPAH

27 Color named for an African river: NILEGREEN

28 Ages and ages: EON

30 [Not my mistake]: SIC

33 Onetime telecom giant: GTE

35 Rise in the air, as in a magic act: LEVITATE

36 Indignant: UPINARMS

37 Have a hunch: FEEL

38 Bucks' mates: DOES

39 CanapŽ topper: ROE

40 Football official: REF

44 Cinematic FX: CGI

45 Bank employee: TELLER

47 Beet and bean: SALADS

48 Manages to evade: ELUDES

49 In an acrobatic fashion: SPRYLY

51 Accountant's investigation: AUDIT

52 Furrows, as one's brows: KNITS

56 Gin flavoring: SLOE

57 Leno on TV: JAY

59 Rock producer Brian: ENO

60 Excitement: ADO

61 Workout facility: GYM

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