LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 6 January 2021

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Los Angeles Times 6 January 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 6 January 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Capital of Morocco: RABAT

6 Green military symbol: BERET

11 Energy one might run out of: GAS

14 Humiliate: ABASE

15 Napoleon on St. Helena, e.g.: EXILE

16 Squeeze bunt stat: RBI

17 Soda debut of 2002: VANILLACOKE

19 Consume: EAT

20 Cadillac's answer to the Navigator: ESCALADE

21 Table input: DATA

22 Useless, now: SHOT

23 "Ain't Misbehavin'" Tony and Emmy winner: NELLCARTER

27 Froze, with "up": ICED

29 Foreign: ALIEN

30 Harry Potter nemesis Malfoy: DRACO

33 Fishing spot: PIER

34 Wane: EBB

37 Feel bad: AIL

38 Security guard Paul Blart, in a 2009 film title: MALLCOP

41 Anguish: WOE

42 Holiday tuber: YAM

43 Stratagem: PLOY

44 Mork's leader on Ork: ORSON

46 1943 penny metal: STEEL

48 Fuss: TODO

50 Judge's research aide: LEGALCLERK

53 West Point, briefly: USMA

57 Way out: EXIT

58 "Her resume is clean and checks out": NOISSUES

60 Off-road transp.: ATV

61 Station identifiers, and a hint to each set of circles: CALLLETTERS

64 Historic start? PRE

65 Tatum of "Paper Moon": ONEAL

66 Send payment: REMIT

67 Road crew's supply: TAR

68 Rolls to the runway: TAXIS

69 "Golden Boy" author Clifford: ODETS


1 Cast-pleasing reviews: RAVES

2 Disconcert: ABASH

3 Place to save in Sevilla: BANCO

4 Like some elephants: ASIATIC

5 Relate: TELL

6 Adorned with tiny spheres: BEADED

7 Get all A's: EXCEL

8 Spain's Ebro, por ejemplo: RIO

9 Lodge member: ELK

10 Top with a slogan: TEE

11 "That's wonderful to hear!": GREATNEWS

12 Wane: ABATE

13 Indian strings: SITAR

18 HOV __: LANE

21 "The Chronic" Dr.: DRE

24 Secular: LAIC

25 Role for Liz: CLEO

26 Apple earbud: AIRPOD

28 Force: COMPEL

30 Labor __: DAY

31 Narrow waterway: RIA

32 Charitable sort: ALMSGIVER

33 Perform diligently: PLY

35 Sound meant to startle: BOO

36 Big __: BEN

39 d'Urberville rake murdered by Tess: ALEC

40 Laze about: LOLL

45 Forced out of bed: ROUSTED

47 Ankle art, often: TAT

48 Internet troublemakers: TROLLS

49 "The Grapes of Wrath" character: OKIE

50 Jumped: LEAPT

51 Face in the crowd, in film: EXTRA

52 Zhou who hosted Nixon: ENLAI

54 "See if I care!": SUEME

55 Be worthy of: MERIT

56 Aides: Abbr.: ASSTS

59 Space City ALer: STRO

61 Foldable bed: COT

62 "SNL" alum Gasteyer: ANA

63 Evil Luthor: LEX

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