LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 6 January 2022

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Los Angeles Times 6 January 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 6 January 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Star-crossed: HAPLESS

8 Enhanced the recipe with: ADDEDIN

15 "Invisible Man" author: ELLISON

16 Always raring to fight: WARLIKE


19 Increase, with "up": STEP

20 Org. monitoring insecticides: EPA

21 Vex: EATAT

22 Sideline advisers: COACHES


33 Tickle: AROUSE

34 Rock box: AMP

35 Marathon Petroleum brand: ARCO

36 "The spring is __ when green geese are a-breeding": Shak.: NEAR

37 Intuitively grasp, in slang: GROK

38 Calculated intake: DOSE

39 "Medical" sports nickname: DRJ

42 Cuisine including jambalaya: CREOLE


47 Calculated intake: RATIONS

48 West African capital: ACCRA

52 Bed for an unexpected guest, maybe: COT

53 Puts out, in a way: TAGS


61 Developing: INUTERO

62 Place to put your feet up: OTTOMAN

63 Lowered: DEBASED

64 Bygone employees of cautious royalty: TASTERS


1 Toothless farm denizens: HENS

2 Plenty: ALOT

3 Ballet motion: PLIE

4 Struggle with scissors? LISP

5 Santa Fe-to-Dallas dir.: ESE

6 2013 Alice McDermott novel that was a National Book Award finalist: SOMEONE

7 Get testy with: SNAPAT

8 Evoke an "ooh" from, maybe: AWE

9 Small application: DAB

10 Like a country at the bottom of a rainfall chart: DRYEST

11 2013 Mandela portrayer: ELBA

12 Food regimen: DIET

13 Swedish superstore: IKEA

14 Hornet home: NEST

18 Russian retreat: DACHA

22 Trig. function: COS

23 Verbal pause: HEM

24 Dubious ability: ESP

25 Sykes of "black-ish": WANDA

26 Treats with embossed surfaces: OREOS

27 __ beast: holiday dinner in a Seuss classic: ROAST

28 Engraver Albrecht: DURER

29 Persisted noisily, as a storm: RAGED

30 Diamond flaw? ERROR

31 USDA concern: ECOLI

32 Memento: TOKEN

39 CSI stuff: DNA

40 Snitch: RAT

41 Like gossip worth spreading: JUICY

42 Bach wrote one about coffee: CANTATA

43 "Kidnapped" monogram: RLS

45 Speaks formally: ORATES

46 Likely to scald: TOOHOT

48 Within: AMID

49 With 50-Down, group for movie enthusiasts: CINE

50 See 49-Down: CLUB

51 Comic Rudner: RITA

53 Bring (out): TROT

54 Top: ACME

55 __ gum: common thickening agent: GUAR

56 RR sched. components: STNS

58 "__ we on for tonight?": ARE

59 Dowel: ROD

60 Repeated contraction in the '50s TV "Superman" intro: ITS

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