LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 6 July 2019

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Los Angeles Times 6 July 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 6 July 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Copper container? POLICECAR

10 Avian sounds: CAWS

14 Clues in: MAKESAWARE

15 Bypass: OMIT

16 Field of operations? ARITHMETIC

17 Infiltrator: MOLE

18 Car wash supply: RAGS

19 Follower of TV? SET

20 Grapefruit stuff: PULP

21 Penultimate of 24 letters: PSI

22 Soup base: PEA

25 2002 Soderbergh film based on a 1961 sci-fi novel: SOLARIS

27 "Stone walls do not a prison make" poet: LOVELACE

30 Go bad: ROT

31 Boxy conveyances: ELEVATORS

33 Tolkien terror: ORC

35 Accommodate: SUIT

36 Pull apart: RIP

37 Part of a bust: KILO

39 Mideast group with observer status at the U.N.: PLO

40 "After the Gold Rush" musician: NEILYOUNG

43 Bushes seem to flourish in it: Abbr.: GOP

45 Playful Pacific Northwest marine denizen: SEAOTTER

46 Like pens designed for detailed work: FINENIB

50 Dallas sch.: SMU

51 Auditor, often: Abbr.: CPA

52 Bank product: LOAN

53 Position, briefly: POV

55 Where the tibialis anterior originates: SHIN

56 Opposed to: ANTI

57 Dismissed lightly: POOHPOOHED

61 In __: unmoved: SITU

62 Conscience: INNERVOICE

63 Robert of "Airplane!": HAYS

64 Insignificant: PENNYANTE


1 "The Mikado" props: PARASOLS

2 "Just tell me already!": OKIGIVEUP

3 With 23-Down, chow line: LETS

4 Cousin of -like: ISH

5 Cell feature: CAM

6 One of Bo Peep's charges: EWE

7 Best Musical Tony winner after "Nine": CATS

8 First of 12: ARIES

9 Clerical leader: RECTOR

10 Niels Bohr, to Victor Borge: COMPATRIOT

11 Affaire de coeur: AMOUR

12 "__ ever!": "Yes!": WILLI

13 Prominent Lincoln Memorial features: STEPS

14 Sleuth who knits: MARPLE

22 Military group: PLATOON

23 See 3-Down: EAT

24 Seed with a prominent cap: ACORN

26 "And another thing, buddy ... ": LOOKYOU

28 Typical Bond foe: EVILGENIUS

29 Iroquois enemies: ERIES

32 Infiltrators: SPIES

34 Walk-off home run, e.g.: CLUTCHHIT

38 Swimwear option: ONEPIECE

41 On the __: LAM

42 Starbucks size: GRANDE

44 Repetitive British farewell: PIPPIP

46 Word with mob or card: FLASH

47 Ancient Greek region: IONIA

48 Dapper: NATTY

49 Northernmost Kentucky county: BOONE

54 Lindsey on skis: VONN

55 "For violent fires __ burn out themselves": Shak.: SOON

58 Farm female: HEN

59 Explore where you shouldn't: PRY

60 Fertility clinic supply: OVA

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