LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 6 July 2022

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Los Angeles Times 6 July 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 6 July 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Construction rod: REBAR

6 1960s Israeli deputy prime minister: EBAN

10 Shed tears: CRY

13 "Five Feet of Fury" pro wrestler Bliss: ALEXA

14 Alfa __: sports car: ROMEO

16 Jack Reacher creator __ Child: LEE

17 Catching fly balls, turning double plays, etc.? FIELDERWORK

19 Have lunch: EAT

20 Epic featuring the Trojan Horse: AENEID

21 Yann Martel novel adapted into an Oscar-winning film: LIFEOFPI

23 "Chandelier" singer: SIA

25 Tonsillectomy MD: ENT

26 Like an ace who throws a no-hitter? PITCHERPERFECT

34 Job safety org.: OSHA

35 River craft: CANOE

36 Trendy: HIP

38 Take in: EARN

39 Intro to economics? MACRO

40 Kunis of "Bad Moms": MILA

41 Astronaut Jemison: MAE

42 Reason for a sleep mask, perhaps: APNEA

43 __ 500: INDY

44 "Protect the plate," "Don't drop the ball," e.g.? CATCHERPHRASES

48 Hanukkah mo.: DEC

49 Extra: TOO

50 Enters nonchalantly: AMBLESIN

55 Rhine wine region: ALSACE

60 Grassy expanse: LEA

61 Game rosters, one of which is formed by the starts of three long answers in this puzzle? PLAYERLISTS

63 Links goal: PAR

64 Big cat: TIGER

65 Extreme: ULTRA

66 Laudatory verse: ODE

67 Reusable bag: TOTE

68 Forms puddles: POOLS


1 Nickname for tennis's Nadal: RAFA

2 "Night" writer Wiesel: ELIE

3 "__ waiting long?": BEEN

4 Bridge toll unit: AXLE

5 Salad slice: RADISH

6 Make a mistake: ERR

7 Many a New Year's Day football game: BOWL

8 French possessive: AMOI

9 Soft toy brand: NERF

10 Dimpled facial features: CLEFTCHINS

11 Collect in return: REAP

12 Mysterious Himalayan: YETI

15 "The Great Santini" Oscar nominee Michael: OKEEFE

18 Falco of "Nurse Jackie": EDIE

22 United: ONE

24 Esoteric: ARCANE

26 66-Across, for one: POEM

27 "Moon Knight" star Oscar __: ISAAC

28 Worn through, as carpeting: THREADBARE

29 Put up preserves: CAN

30 Indiana cager: PACER

31 Spellbound: ENRAPT

32 "Christopher Robin" joey: ROO

33 Squiggly diacritic: TILDE

37 Grabs the check: PAYS

39 Speed letters: MPH

40 "Mamma __! Here We Go Again": MIA

42 Go along with: ACCEPT

45 __ Aviv: TEL

46 Icy coating: HOAR

47 Opposite of unfurl: ROLLUP

50 Kibble brand: ALPO

51 Honeyed brew: MEAD

52 Narrow cut: SLIT

53 Shakespearean villain: IAGO

54 Russian denial: NYET

56 Grain storage site: SILO

57 On the topic of: ASTO

58 PC keyboard key: CTRL

59 Those, in Spanish: ESAS

62 Bard's before: ERE

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