LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 6 June 2017

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Los Angeles Times 6 June 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 6 June 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Part of AAA: Abbr.: ASSN

5 Utopian sites: EDENS

10 Abrasive sand bits: GRIT

14 Round caramel candy: ROLO

15 Get Mad again? RENEW

16 Like some Chardonnay: OAKY

17 Kingdom given to Esau: EDOM

18 *Lighthouse landmark in Honolulu: ALOHATOWER

20 "E," on dashboards: NOGAS

22 Photographer's stand: TRIPOD

23 *Club batting first, in baseball: AWAYTEAM

25 Chain of hills: RIDGE

29 Madame, in Tijuana: SENORA

30 Starts of typical workweeks: MONDAYS

32 Confer holy orders upon: ORDAIN

35 One-named body-image advocate: EMME

36 *Capital that's home to Lady Bird Lake: AUSTINTEXAS

39 Stumble: TRIP

41 Pic next to a screen name: AVATAR

42 Bombardment: BARRAGE

44 Breeds, as cattle: RAISES

49 What Bo Peep lost: SHEEP

50 *Treaded combat vehicle: ARMYTANK

52 St. Francis' birthplace: ASSISI

55 Burst of gunshots: SALVO

56 Best place to be, slangily ... and, when divided in four parts, what the answers to starred clues are? WHEREITSAT

60 Bear's home: LAIR

61 Made on a loom: WOVE

62 Choppers: TEETH

63 "How __ Your Mother": IMET

64 Chilled with cubes: ICED

65 Position paper: ESSAY

66 Helps out: AIDS


1 Sports venues: ARENAS

2 "Us, too!": SODOWE

3 "I'm Lovin' It" or "Just Do It," e.g.: SLOGAN

4 Dieter's sandwich spec: NOMAYO

5 Historic period: ERA

6 Triangular river formation: DELTA

7 Huge, to a poet: ENORM

8 Grape soda brand: NEHI

9 Even trade: SWAP

10 "That's using your head!": GOODIDEA

11 How oysters are often served: RAW

12 Eisenhower's nickname: IKE

13 Norse god of war: TYR

19 Ripped: TORN

21 Houston baseballers, briefly: STROS

24 Livestock identifier: EARTAG

26 Beaver creations: DAMS

27 Workout spot: GYM

28 Linguistic suffix: ESE

30 Catcher's glove: MITT

31 Feature of Vegas "bandits": ONEARM

33 Go off the high board: DIVE

34 Santa __, California: ANA

36 Suffix with billion: AIRE

37 Lifted: UPREARED

38 Dental exam pictures: XRAYS

39 Atlanta-based cable channel: TBS

40 Crowd cheer: RAH

43 Cathedral recess: APSE

45 Roma is its capital: ITALIA

46 Hanging deli meat: SALAMI

47 Was jealous of: ENVIED

48 Hybrid garments: SKORTS

50 Burden-bearing beasts: ASSES

51 Gaucho's rope: RIATA

53 Internet location: SITE

54 Suffix for natives: ITES

56 1914-'18 conflict, briefly: WWI

57 Ad __ committee: HOC

58 Mother of Cain and Abel: EVE

59 Commandments pronoun: THY

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