LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 6 June 2019

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Los Angeles Times 6 June 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 6 June 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Fourth of eight: MARS

5 Classic Pontiacs: GTOS

9 "Shrek" ogress: FIONA

14 Colorado-based sports org.: USOC

15 Boomers' lobbying group: AARP

16 Equally hot: ASMAD

17 Ousted Iranian: SHAH

18 Flat-package furniture retailer: IKEA

19 Me.-to-Fla. highway: USONE

20 Greek: HELLENE

22 Rarely used antonym of harmless: NOCUOUS

24 Serve as a foundation for: UNDERLIE

26 Text titter: HEE

27 Grab the tab: PAY

28 Quick, speculative stock transaction: DAYTRADE

33 Rarely used antonym of disheveled: KEMPT

36 Jorge's hand: MANO

37 Nae sayer: SCOT

38 Mets' div.: NLE

39 Rarely used antonym of unidentified: ONYMOUS

42 Inc. cousin: LLC

43 Bullring bravos: OLES

45 Time line units: ERAS

46 Rarely used antonym of crude: COUTH

48 EntrŽe topped with pineapple rings: BAKEDHAM

50 Tuna holder: CAN

51 Fizzy prefix: AER

52 Sticker on organic produce: ECOLABEL

57 Rarely used antonym of cruel: RUTHFUL

61 American Girl product: TOYDOLL

62 Very, in music: ASSAI

63 British peer: EARL

65 Rossini's "Largo al factotum," e.g.: ARIA

66 Blown away: INAWE

67 Pinch at the table: SALT

68 Space: ROOM

69 Small songbirds: LARKS

70 Dash gadget: TACH

71 "ÀC—mo __ usted?": ESTA


1 __ pork: Asian dish: MUSHU

2 Pale with fright: ASHEN

3 Wonka creator Dahl: ROALD


5 Rarely used antonym of bumbling: GAINLY

6 "Star Trek" actor: TAKEI

7 Vein glory? ORE

8 Life time: SPAN


10 Publishers, e.g.: ISSUERS

11 Melville novel: OMOO

12 Half an Orkan farewell: NANU

13 Fruity drinks: ADES

21 Poet's muse: ERATO

23 "Such a tease!": OHYOU

25 Sushi bar finger food: EDAMAME

29 Years in Espa–a: ANOS

30 Gp. with a "Know Your Rights" web page: ACLU

31 Simpleton: DOLT

32 Sharply outline: ETCH

33 Gearshift topper: KNOB

34 Scat legend Fitzgerald: ELLA

35 Submissive: MEEK

36 Vidal's Breckinridge: MYRA

40 India's first prime minister: NEHRU

41 Like the skin of most fish: SCALY

44 Seattle NFLer: SEAHAWK

47 How some risks are taken: ONADARE

49 Goes against: DEFIES

50 Rarely used antonym of friendliness: COOLTH

53 PC key combo for "copy": CTRLC

54 New York City divisions, informally: BOROS

55 "The Waste Land" poet: ELIOT

56 Peruvian grazer: LLAMA

57 Amtrak track: RAIL

58 Annapolis inst.: USNA

59 Ruler until 1917: TSAR

60 "__ we forget": LEST

64 Battery size: AAA

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