LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 6 June 2020

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Los Angeles Times 6 June 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 6 June 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Measures roughly: PACESOFF

9 Suspicious offers, often: SCAMS

14 Pots and such: IRONWARE

15 Egypt neighbor: LIBYA

16 Authenticates: CERTIFIES

18 Three-time Olympics host country: ITALY

19 Welcome at the door: ASKIN

20 Landmark in the 2018 documentary "Free Solo": ELCAPITAN

22 Container for some baked goods: BREADBOX

24 __ tolerance: ZERO

25 Succulent plant genus: ALOE

27 "Puh-leeze!": SPAREME

29 Org. with a "Parents" link on its main page: NEA

30 LED part: DIODE

31 Briefly: INSUM

35 Most brief: TERSEST

37 Bald spot: TONSURE

39 "Chicago Med" pro: ERDOC

40 Not whispered: ALOUD

42 Modern steady: BAE

43 Done in the least amount of time: FASTEST

45 AM radio staple: TALK

46 National __: DEBT

49 Supports, in a way: VOTESFOR

51 How work references may be given: ONREQUEST

53 Stretchy fabric: LYCRA

56 Pleasure trip: JAUNT


59 Go on: OCCUR

60 The Northern Pacific's __ Islands: ALEUTIAN

61 Way up or down: STEPS

62 Jellyfish appendage: TENTACLE


1 12-point type: PICA

2 "Iliad" god: ARES

3 Display with pins: CORKBOARD

4 Complete: ENTIRE

5 Beasts with snouts: SWINE

6 Clumsy character: OAF

7 Hash browns, e.g.: FRIEDPOTATOES

8 Have regrets: FEELBAD

9 Lapse: SLIP

10 Town hall meeting attendees: CITIZENS

11 Lessen: ABATE

12 Space blanket material: MYLAR

13 Refuse: SAYNO

17 Reason for revenge: SCORETOSETTLE

21 Remove, as from a schedule: AXE

23 "No promises" tag: ASIS

25 Required game payment: ANTE

26 Wanton gaze: LEER

28 Make sure not to overlook: MIND

30 Prefix with -gon: DECA

32 Like Alaska's climate: SUBARCTIC

33 River to the Caspian Sea: URAL

34 Easily dominated: MEEK

36 Break down the resistance of, as a customer: SOFTENUP

38 Means of escape: OUTS

41 Cry that's from hunger? LETSEAT

44 Current drama that ranks third behind "Gunsmoke" and "Lassie" in total original episodes, familiarly: SVU

45 Japanese industry giant, or the city in which it's headquartered: TOYOTA

46 Places for black belts: DOJOS

47 Legally establish: ENACT

48 __ Banner, a.k.a. The Hulk: BRUCE

50 Scorn, as the rules: FLOUT

52 Game divs.: QTRS

54 Capital of Oman: RIAL

55 Actress Dudek of "House": ANNE

58 Wetland: FEN

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