LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 6 March 2019

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Los Angeles Times 6 March 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 6 March 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Nurse Barton: CLARA

6 Work with a libretto: OPERA

11 Capture: BAG

14 Spring for a drink? OASIS

15 Piece of info: DATUM

16 "What __ the odds?": ARE

17 It may require a permission slip: SCHOOLEVENT

19 "Narcos" org.: DEA

20 First encounter in a romcom: MEETCUTE

21 Open, as a gate latch: UNBAR

23 Pigs out (on), briefly: ODS

24 Believer's suffix: IST

25 General sense: TENOR

27 Nearly one-third of Africa: SAHARADESERT

31 Roadside business: MOTEL

34 Decorating job on "Cake Boss": ICER

35 Coin-op gas station machine output: AIR

36 Grand-scale production: EPIC

37 Extra feature: ADDON

39 "And your point is?": OKSO

40 Drumstick: LEG

41 Guys-only party: STAG

42 Let up: EASED

43 Gathering with much networking: SCHMOOZEFEST

47 Neutral shade: TAUPE

48 __Clean: stain remover: OXI

49 Tarzan raiser: APE

52 Razor sharpener: STROP

54 Time-out: BREATHER

56 Seek the affections of: WOO

57 Table with columns, and what literally can be found in 17-, 27- and 43-Across: SPREADSHEET

60 Rock concert need: AMP

61 Angel who directs Satan to Earth in "Paradise Lost": URIEL

62 Speak formally: ORATE

63 "__-haw!": YEE

64 Diver's gem: PEARL

65 Renoir subjects: NUDES


1 Pink drink, for short: COSMO

2 Tied, as sneakers: LACED

3 Volcanic particles: ASHES

4 Real hoot: RIOT

5 Hardly gregarious: ASOCIAL

6 One-named folk singer: ODETTA

7 Make car-friendly: PAVE

8 Saison that starts in juin: ETE

9 Diamond score: RUN

10 Radio component: AMTUNER

11 Instances of rotten luck: BADBREAKS

12 Carpet calculation: AREA

13 PRNDL selection: GEAR

18 Like rainforests: LUSH

22 Turndowns: NOS

25 Tex-Mex snack: TACO

26 Genesis place: EDEN

27 Jiffy: SEC

28 Blue __ Mountains: RIDGE

29 Prepare to sing an anthem: RISE

30 Stepped (on): TROD

31 "Alice" diner: MELS

32 Oil org.: OPEC

33 Metaphor for a precarious course: TIGHTROPE

37 Surmounting: ATOP

38 Bewildered state: DAZE

39 Granola bar morsel: OAT

41 Makes more powerful: SOUPSUP

42 Co-host of the sports radio show "Boomer and Gio": ESIASON

44 Chinese chairman: MAO

45 Last words of the Pledge of Allegiance: FORALL

46 Deleted, with "out": EXED

49 In the future: AHEAD

50 Golfer Calvin: PEETE

51 Some Deco collectibles: ERTES

52 Persuade: SWAY

53 Big volume: TOME

54 Stein filler: BEER

55 By way of, briefly: THRU

58 Register opening? PRE

59 River inlet: RIA

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