LA Times Crossword answers Friday 6 March 2020

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Los Angeles Times 6 March 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 6 March 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Mid-size Nissan: ALTIMA

7 Ammo sold in rolls: CAPS

11 By way of: VIA

14 Like many arcade games: COINOP

15 Helter-skelter: AMOK

16 Mantra syllables: OMS

17 What Dr. Frankenstein kept at his bar? MONSTERSALE

19 Fiddle player of rhyme: CAT

20 North-of-the-border gas: ESSO

21 Zany trio member: MOE

22 "See if __": ICARE

24 Sass from a therapist? FREUDIANSLIP

28 "SNL" castmate of Gilda and Jane: LARAINE

31 It "hath charms to soothe a savage breast": MUSIC

32 Oak fruit: ACORN

33 Marine mammal group: POD

34 Bed foundation? SOIL

37 Specimen for 23-Down: DNA

38 Uncle Buck, perhaps? DOESKIN

42 Broadcasting pioneer: RCA

43 Religious offshoot: SECT

45 Meddle: PRY

46 City near the Golden Spike: OGDEN

48 Veronica of "Hill Street Blues": HAMEL

50 Spurred on: AROUSED

52 Dracula's haul in the poker game? VAMPIRESTAKE

55 Orchestras tune to them: OBOES

56 One of Venus de Milo's two that are conspicuous for their absence: ARM

57 Drink brand with a lizard logo: SOBE

61 Leave in ruins: GUT

62 Big cat's belly? LEOPARDSPOT

66 Take advantage of: USE

67 Parrot: ECHO

68 Tater Tots maker: OREIDA

69 Sniggler's quarry: EEL

70 It may be cracked open: DOOR

71 Sweat inducer: DURESS


1 Highest point: ACME

2 Restrooms for blokes: LOOS

3 Metal containers: TINS

4 To such an extent: INSOFAR

5 Bon __: MOT

6 So-called missing links: APEMEN

7 Checked out before a heist: CASED

8 GP's gp.: AMA

9 D.C. figure: POL

10 Knitter's supply: SKEINS

11 They help one speak one's mind: VOCALCORDS

12 Japanese porcelain: IMARI

13 __ in the right direction: ASTEP

18 Scoundrel: ROUE

23 Forensic TV episodes: CSIS

25 Melon feature: RIND

26 Reassurance after a fall: IMOK

27 A4 automaker: AUDI

28 Youths: LADS

29 Teen malady: ACNE

30 Black Flag product: ROACHMOTEL

33 Humanities subj.: PSY

35 Cold drink brand: ICEE

36 Come down: LAND

39 Letters near zero: OPER

40 Creator of Perry and Della: ERLE

41 Kindle rival: NOOK

44 Scotch roll: TAPE

47 Hangman player, e.g.: GUESSER

49 Took for a ride: MISLED

50 First razor with a pivoting head: ATRA

51 Force (through): RAMROD

52 Popularity: VOGUE

53 Treat badly: ABUSE

54 Flavor: SAPOR

58 Andy's catfishing partner: OPIE

59 Beefcake features: BODS

60 Flight deck data, briefly: ETAS

63 Prefix with conscious: ECO

64 "I see it now!": OHO

65 R&B group __ Hill: DRU

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