LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 6 March 2022

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Los Angeles Times 6 March 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 6 March 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Cause friction: CHAFE

6 70-year-old morning show: TODAY

11 Small, deadly snakes: ASPS

15 Actor's goal: PART

19 One way to gain access: LOGIN

20 Northern California town that once had a palindromic bakery: YREKA

21 First thing lost in the "For Want of a Nail" proverb: SHOE

22 Many a solo: ARIA

23 Air raid signal, e.g.: ALERT

24 *Fruity dish that imparts a healthy glow? PEACHESANDCREAM

27 Significant Civil War concern: DESERTION

29 Run-throughs: REHEARSALS

30 Buzzers: BEES

31 Nuisances: PESTS

33 Ball-bearing peg: TEE

34 *Blended drinks that leave something to be desired? NOGREATSHAKES

39 Resort area attractions: BEACHES

43 Certain something: AURA

44 River to the English Channel: SEINE

45 Online message: POST

46 Used (up): ATE

47 Music : verse :: poetry : __: STANZA

50 Rule, briefly: REG

51 Indecent matter: SMUT

53 Bring upon oneself: INCUR

55 Casually shod: SANDALLED

57 *Shortbread that doesn't crumble under pressure? TOUGHCOOKIE

59 Shell-covered edible: EGG

60 Small valley: GLEN

61 Tastes: SIPS

62 Canada's most populous prov.: ONT

63 Snorkeling spot: REEF

65 *Pastry that doesn't live up to its hype? PIEINTHESKY

69 Disney souvenir feature: EARS

73 Airport abbr.: ARR

75 Buds: PALS

76 Long, long time: AEON

78 Magna __ laude: CUM

79 *Slice that's easy to make? PIECEOFCAKE

84 "What's done is done," e. g.: PLATITUDE

86 Implanted: SOWED

87 Rich deposit: LODE

88 __ constrictor: BOA

89 Cookware coating: ENAMEL

90 Flock female: EWE

91 End of many a hammer: CLAW

93 Kuhling of "Chicago Med": NORMA

95 For fear that: LEST

96 Thigh-length outer garment: CARCOAT

98 *Triangular confections that are a credit to their baker? BROWNIEPOINTS

102 Tolkien creature: ORC

103 Is right for: SUITS

104 "The __ Must Be Crazy": 1980 comedy film: GODS

105 Thin-sliced, browned bread: MELBATOAST

109 Turkey choice: WHITEMEAT

114 *Dish that's a metaphor for life? ABOWLOFCHERRIES

117 Authority: SAYSO

118 Sauna covering: ROBE

119 Many a retired racehorse: SIRE

120 Off-the-wall: OUTRE

121 Draco Malfoy's trademark expression: SNEER

122 It opens many doors: KNOB

123 H-shaped letters: ETAS

124 Cultural character: ETHOS

125 Test, as ore: ASSAY


1 Dressed: CLAD

2 Flagstick holder: HOLE

3 Periods with names: AGES

4 Agitator: FIREBRAND

5 Menu listing: ENTREE

6 Keyboard pros: TYPISTS

7 After-sandwich sandwich: OREO

8 Campus leader: DEAN

9 Westminster show org.: AKC

10 "Boo-__!": cry of celebration: YAH

11 Balance sheet heading: ASSETS

12 Persian rulers: SHAHS

13 Cornmeal product: PONE

14 Tranquilizes: SEDATES

15 About 3.26 light-years: PARSEC

16 Space: AREA

17 Omani money: RIAL

18 Alternatives to mortarboards: TAMS

25 Gaelic tongue: ERSE

26 First act? CREATION

28 Leaves in a cup: TEA

31 Twinge: PANG

32 Barely make, with "out": EKE

34 Sadat's predecessor: NASSER

35 Service break? OUTAGE

36 Farm: GRANGE

37 Calm: SERENE

38 Hastened: HIED

39 Joni Mitchell's "__ Sides Now": BOTH

40 Break-in, nowadays: HACK

41 Needle case: ETUI

42 Dried-up: SERE

45 Pooch with a turned-up nose: PUG

48 Zig counterpart: ZAG

49 Star NFL player: ALLPRO

51 Juniors-to-be: SOPHS

52 Calliope, for one: MUSE

54 Memorandum: NOTE

56 Welcoming wreath: LEI

57 Words on a spine: TITLE

58 Acme cactus costume wearer: COYOTE

61 Crawling reptile: SNAKE

64 "Mirror of the mind": St. Jerome: FACE

66 Air 2 or Pro: IPAD

67 Deli hanger: SALAMI

68 New Zealand parrot: KEA

70 Insight: ACUMEN

71 Least courteous: RUDEST

72 Refines, as ore: SMELTS

74 Gemstone from the sea: REDCORAL

77 Diarist Anaïs: NIN

79 Tiny time meas.: PSEC

80 Field of Dreams home: IOWA

81 Pitcher sans arms: EWER

82 Word with panel or screen: FLAT

83 Holy animal? COW

84 Often blocked online lewdness: PORN

85 Magic charms: TALISMANS

88 Archery items: BOWS

92 Source of intolerance: LACTOSE

93 "Just kidding!": NOT

94 Sponsorships: AEGISES

97 Spider's network: COBWEB

98 Things beaten in searches, with "the": BUSHES

99 Baptism, for one: RITE

100 Lobster catcher: POT

101 Texas or Ukraine city: ODESSA

103 Pelvic bones: SACRA

105 Work on papers: MARK

106 "... the __-coloured ink": Shak.: EBON

107 Mexican wolf: LOBO

108 "What __?": OFIT

109 In the company of: WITH

110 Often-shared sandwich: HERO

111 Contacts can help them: EYES

112 Having set sail: ASEA

113 Whig rival: TORY

115 __ v. Wade: ROE

116 Well-worn track: RUT

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