LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 6 May 2020

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Los Angeles Times 6 May 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 6 May 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Out of whack: AMISS

6 Sounding shocked: AGASP

11 Kissing on a crowded sidewalk, for short: PDA

14 Dyed fabric: BATIK

15 __ Mesa, Calif.: COSTA

16 Acted as guide: LED

17 World's oldest golf tournament: BRITISHOPEN

19 __-purpose flour: ALL

20 In itself: ASSUCH

21 Short-term sculpture material: ICE

22 Country's Lovett: LYLE

23 Course standard: PAR

24 Like a big grin: EARTOEAR

26 McKellen of "Vicious": IAN

29 Stout servers: PUBS

31 Peddled: SOLD

32 Febreze target: ODOR

34 App's early version: BETA

36 Talus neighbor: TIBIA

39 "Name another person": WHOELSE

41 Some Greek islanders: CRETANS

43 Augment: ADDTO

44 Vivacity: BRIO

46 Letter before bravo: ALFA

47 Untruths: LIES

49 "Marriage Story" Oscar nominee Driver: ADAM

51 Prune: LOP

52 Starbucks amenity: FREEWIFI

55 Short agent? REP

57 Bonny gal: LASS

58 Spa bath choice: MUD

59 Digital brokerage pioneer: ETRADE

63 Angsty music genre: EMO

64 Intelligence agency employee, and what a black square acts as in rows 3, 5, 8 and 11: CODEBREAKER

66 Monkey in "Aladdin": ABU

67 Seething: ANGRY

68 Having too much: ODING

69 Soak (up), as sauce: SOP

70 See 12-Down: REESE

71 Wound up costing: RANTO


1 "Fernando" band: ABBA

2 Singer Bruno who won six 2017 Grammy Awards: MARS

3 Words before and after "what": ITIS

4 Suddenly pay attention: SITUP

5 Slopes headgear: SKICAP

6 Berlin cry: ACH

7 Most like s'mores: GOOIEST

8 Shelter org.: ASPCA

9 Heads (toward): STEERS

10 Rave's opposite: PAN

11 Cooperated: PLAYEDBALL

12 With 70-Across, "Touched by an Angel" star: DELLA

13 Stella __ Studio of Acting: ADLER

18 Bushes: SHRUBS

22 Title girl whose given name is Dolores: LOLITA

25 Subscriber's bonus: TOTE

26 Hawkeye State: IOWA

27 Ritalin target, briefly: ADHD

28 Ramen restaurant offering: NOODLESOUP

30 U.K. network, with "the": BEEB

33 Laces again: RETIES

35 Part of DNA: ACID

37 Recon details: INFO


40 Big name in movie theaters: LOEW

42 Lion, at times: ROARER

45 Las Vegas NFL team: RAIDERS

48 Four-time Olympic gold medal winner Biles: SIMONE

50 Celestial body: METEOR

52 Causes of scratching: FLEAS

53 Recurring Stallone role: RAMBO

54 Sundae topping: FUDGE

56 Popular red-carpet fashion: PRADA

60 Like, with "to": AKIN

61 64-Down blemish: DENT

62 Cogito __ sum: ERGO

64 Garage occupant: CAR

65 "Sayonara": BYE

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