LA Times Crossword answers Friday 6 May 2022

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Los Angeles Times 6 May 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 6 May 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Flows back: EBBS

5 Sci. major: BIO

8 Fisher of "Wedding Crashers": ISLA

12 Eight or nine on the Beaufort scale: GALE

13 Twinge: PANG

14 Hijab and niqab, e.g.: VEILS


18 Like Keebler's animated bakers: ELFIN

19 Daze: STUPOR

20 Serpentine fish: EEL

22 Toy company with theme parks: LEGO


26 Bound: JUMP

30 Island chain: LEI

31 Parts of an island chain: CAYS

32 Bagel flavor: ONION

34 Part of a flight: STAIR

36 Steve Carell voice role: GRU



43 "__ been a while!": ITS

44 Place to have a ball? DISCO

46 Smog element: OZONE

47 Sweeping: EPIC

49 Olive extract: OIL

51 Some Neruda poems: ODES


56 Costa __: RICA

57 Pull the plug on: END

58 Top 10 U2 song from "Rattle and Hum": DESIRE

63 High-five sounds: SLAPS


67 Totally fine: ALLOK

68 Cuatro y cuatro: OCHO

69 Resale warning: ASIS

70 "Betsy's Wedding" writer/director: ALDA

71 Sporty truck, briefly: UTE

72 Zero: NONE


1 What some layers cover: EGGS

2 Toon boy known for chalkboard gags: BART

3 Flag couleur: BLEU

4 Flow slowly: SEEP

5 __ leaf: BAY

6 "This isn't optional!": INEEDIT

7 Nash who rhymed "Bronx" and "thonx": OGDEN

8 First-person contraction: IVE

9 Date stamp: SELLBY

10 Apparel company with a smiling stick-figure icon: LIFEISGOOD

11 Set straight: ALIGN

13 Grave danger: PERIL

15 Love thy neighbour, say? SNOG

17 Snarfing sound: NOM

21 Saint __: only country named for a woman: LUCIA

24 Sticky places? NESTS

25 Venice's Piazza San __: MARCO

26 Novelist Picoult: JODI

27 Peck, e.g.: UNIT

28 Notification while in silent mode, perhaps: MISSEDCALL

29 Cauldron: POT

33 Low point: NADIR

35 Skirt: AVOID

37 Mythological character? RUNE

38 Applications: USES

40 __ market: NICHE

42 Aduba of "In Treatment": UZO

45 Manage: CONDUCT

48 Online grocer with green delivery trucks: PEAPOD

50 Resulted in: LEDTO

52 __ Major: URSA

53 Wafer brand: NILLA

54 Short-necked pear: ANJOU

55 "Snowfall" law gp.: DEA

59 Graceful bird: SWAN

60 "Assuming that's the case ... ": IFSO

61 Mess up: RUIN

62 Choice word: ELSE

64 Genre with Jamaican roots: SKA

66 __/her pronouns: SHE

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