LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 6 November 2019

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Los Angeles Times 6 November 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 6 November 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Zippo: NADA

5 State of irritation: HUFF

9 Produce carrier: CRATE

14 Historic British school: ETON

15 Plains native: OTOE

16 Indy participant: RACER

17 Financial support at Kitty Hawk? WRIGHTAID

19 Skybox setting: ARENA

20 Up to, casually: TIL

21 Sticky: ADHESIVE

23 Tie the knot: SAYIDO

25 Runs like mad: DASHES

29 Remove italics from text? RIGHTLETTERS

33 "All __ Jazz": THAT

35 Zones: AREAS

36 "The A-Team" actor: MRT

37 Bread served with tandoori chicken: NAAN

38 Met highlights: ARIAS

39 Spelling contests: BEES

40 Some iTunes downloads, briefly: EPS

41 Cal. entries: APPTS

42 Have an inclination: TEND

43 Siblings sharing a ceremony? RITEBROTHERS

46 "... because you don't want to cross me": ORELSE

47 Up-to-the-minute: LATEST

51 In seventh heaven: ECSTATIC

55 Women's rights activist Nellie: BLY

56 Battleship barrage: SALVO

59 Contact a fictional pirate? WRITEHOOK

61 Fuss over feathers: PREEN

62 Stare at creepily: OGLE

63 Balm ingredient: ALOE

64 Change, as a will: AMEND

65 They're often loaded: SOTS

66 Continuity problems: GAPS


1 Semiaquatic salamanders: NEWTS

2 Skylit courts: ATRIA

3 Lacy place mat: DOILY

4 With 58-Down, "Life of Pi" director: ANG

5 Ballpark treat: HOTDOG

6 State that celebrates Pioneer Day: UTAH

7 P‰tŽ base: FOIE

8 Govt. agents: FEDS

9 Fancy scarves: CRAVATS

10 Hardest to come by: RAREST

11 Whiz: ACE

12 Notable Downing Street address: TEN

13 Important span: ERA

18 Seen enough: HADIT

22 Think tank products: IDEAS

24 Tehran's land: IRAN

26 Dudes with fab abs: HEMEN

27 Slipped up: ERRED

28 Fast Atl. crossers, once: SSTS

30 Horn-honking Marx: HARPO

31 Country singer Travis: TRITT

32 Chow line? LEASH

33 Piglike forest dweller: TAPIR

34 Swiftness: HASTE

37 Successor to Claudius: NERO

38 __-ski: APRES

39 Second to none: BEST

41 Hurry off and hide: ABSCOND

42 Hunt down the source of: TRACE

44 Gridiron complement: ELEVEN

45 High society types: ELITES

48 Deadly African virus: EBOLA

49 Single-master: SLOOP

50 Small fry: TYKES

52 What Noah counted by: TWOS

53 Constellation named for a mythological ship: ARGO

54 List: TILT

56 Place for a retreat: SPA

57 Usher's offering: ARM

58 See 4-Down: LEE

60 Folklore crone: HAG

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