LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 6 November 2021

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Los Angeles Times 6 November 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 6 November 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 A little of this, a little of that: GRABBAG

8 Common packing list item: ADAPTER

15 Transpose: REVERSE

16 Italian music festival city that inspired Eurovision: SANREMO

17 Twist expert? IRONIST

18 Gets off the fence: CHOOSES

19 Gets down? LANDS

20 Expert: ACE

22 Votre et ma: NOTRE

23 She's Frankie on "Grace and Frankie": LILY

24 Shepard and Bean: ALANS

26 Don't stay in one place: FLIT

27 Jargon suffix: ESE

28 Dazzled: BLINDED

30 QB effort: ATT

31 Weight training exercise: DEADLIFT

33 Oil-rich peninsula: ARABIA

35 Hardly symbiotic: DOGEATDOG

37 Financier Edward Francis __: HUTTON

40 Culinary knife cut producing tiny cubes: BRUNOISE

44 Repulsed reaction: UGH

45 Stray: DEVIATE

47 Snow: CON

48 Snow traveler: SLED

50 Julie of the "Before" film trilogy: DELPY

51 Half up front? HEMI

52 Spent: TIRED

54 Act for, for short: REP

55 Material for "Suits": CASES

56 Current with the wind: LEETIDE

58 "How stupid of me!": IMAFOOL

60 Magazine that annually runs the Black Women in Hollywood Awards: ESSENCE

61 Last of eight: NEPTUNE

62 Pick a fight: STARTIN

63 Unceremoniously dropped nowadays: GHOSTED


1 More than just questioned: GRILLED

2 Bold poker move: RERAISE

3 Fictional Prince Edward Island community: AVONLEA

4 __ straw: BENDY

5 Ritual for some eight-day-olds: BRIS

6 Buridan's __: philosophical paradox: ASS

7 "Surely you can do better things with your time!": GETALIFE

8 Rise: ASCEND

9 Code word: DAH

10 Sans attribution, for short: ANON

11 Jury swayer: PROOF

12 Destination of many a tube: TESTLAB

13 Honored retirees: EMERITI

14 Stone home: ROSETTA

21 Singingly, in music: CANTABILE

24 Joined (with): ALIGNED

25 Navy tour, e.g.: SEADUTY

28 Vein flower: BLOOD

29 Spy in the air, maybe: DRONE

32 EPA-banned insecticide: DDT

34 Long tail? AGO

36 Blocking the escape routes of: TRAPPING

37 "Side" jobs: HUSTLES

38 Most frightful: UGLIEST

39 "Long Island Medium" star __ Caputo: THERESA

41 Treats in an unfriendly way, in slang: ICESOUT

42 Unspecified soul: SOMEONE

43 Isolated, in a way: ENISLED

46 "Pippin" Tony winner: VEREEN

49 Turn aside: DETER

51 Sword handles: HAFTS

53 Force: DINT

55 The "C" in the musical instruction "D.C. al fine": CAPO

57 601, to Virgil: DCI

59 Unenthusiastic review: MEH

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