LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 6 October 2016

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Los Angeles Times 6 October 2016 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 6 October 2016

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Full of beans: PEPPY

6 "I don't need __": regular patron's comment: AMENU

11 Sellout letters: SRO

14 Apple app mostly replaced by Messages: ICHAT

15 Connoisseur: MAVEN

16 Recyclable item: CAN


19 TSA requests: IDS

20 Aria, usually: SOLO

21 Suffix with social: ITE

22 Bovine icon: ELSIE


28 Crème brûlée topping: CARAMEL

31 Defensive comeback: AMTOO

32 Little pill: TWERP

33 When workers may be dressed down?: Abbr.: FRI

34 Terminal conveyance: TRAM

37 Nicki Minaj genre: RAP


42 Langley org.: CIA

43 City on the Rhône: LYON

45 Apartment bldg. info: NOS

46 Medina native: SAUDI

48 Offer a contrary opinion: REBUT

50 Reduced to pure metal: SMELTED


55 Saint __: Caribbean island: LUCIA

56 Card game using the entire deck: WAR

57 Goof reaction: OOPS

61 Mont. neighbor: IDA

62 Muppet's explanation of the four all-caps clues: MEEATCOOKIE

66 Title for Anthony Hopkins: SIR

67 Serviceable: UTILE

68 Pointless: INANE

69 "The Splendid Splinter" Williams: TED

70 Having glass sections: PANED

71 Hen, for one: LAYER


1 Short shots? PICS

2 Off-the-wall answer? ECHO

3 Dad of Haley, Alex and Luke on "Modern Family": PHIL

4 California observatory site: PALOMAR

5 Annual rpt. column: YTD

6 Dutch beer brand: AMSTEL

7 Like lions, but not tigers: MANED

8 Actress Longoria: EVA

9 Japanese tech company: NEC

10 Broken, as promises: UNKEPT

11 Hair salon technique: SCISSORCUT

12 Two of three sides of a typical pie slice: RADII

13 First stage: ONSET

18 __ wave: SINE

23 Crook's haul: LOOT

25 Little devils: IMPS

26 Take a chance: DARE

27 Mideast dignitary: EMIR

28 PC key: CTRL

29 Like the visiting team: AWAY

30 Course record? REPORTCARD

33 NFL scores: FGS

35 Guy Friday, for one: AIDE

36 Servant for the inn crowd: MAID

39 E pluribus __: UNUM

40 Spoils: ROTS

41 1914 battle river: YSER

44 Radar O'Reilly's pop brand: NEHI

47 City with a Penn State campus: ALTOONA

49 Admit to the Enterprise, in a way: BEAMUP

50 Pronounced: STATED

51 Singer Anthony: MARC

52 Top-tier invitees: ALIST

53 Show that shows too much? NUDIE

54 Marshy lowland: SWALE

58 Acceptable: OKAY

59 Fragrant wood: PINE

60 Reader of tea leaves: SEER

63 It may be delayed by rain: Abbr.: ETA

64 German article: EIN

65 Black gold: OIL

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