LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 6 October 2021

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Los Angeles Times 6 October 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 6 October 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Composer Bart—k: BELA

5 Word with ship or school: YARD

9 Restoration locations: SPAS

13 Beasts that work in pairs: OXEN

14 Largely phased-out ersatz fat brand: OLEAN

16 Org. for fur foes: PETA

17 Envelope-directing abbr.: ATTN

18 "Out of Africa" setting: KENYA

19 Starting on: ASOF

20 Three at the start: TRI

21 Ring result: BOUTOUTCOME

23 1993 coming-of-age baseball film, with "The": SANDLOT

25 Hen or sow: SHE

26 Really long time: EON

27 Surround sound components: SPEAKERS

32 Unlicensed rainbow catcher: TROUTOUTLAW

36 Floral accessory: LEI

37 Urges: YENS

38 Backing: PRO

39 Place for a catcher's guard: SHIN

40 Portuguese king: REI

41 Camporee, for instance: SCOUTOUTING

45 Former California speedway that was the site of a 1969 rock concert: ALTAMONT

47 Genetics lab material: RNA

48 Director Jean-__ Godard: LUC

49 Evening parties: SOIREES

53 Tap water: SPOUTOUTPUT

58 Pre-A.D.: BCE

59 Injure: HARM

60 Willow twig: OSIER

61 Dire prophecy: DOOM

62 Nobelist Pavlov: IVAN

63 Evans' news partner: NOVAK

64 __ sci: POLI

65 Elizabeth of "La Bamba": PENA

66 Torso muscles, collectively: CORE

67 Watersports gear: SKIS


1 Lakeside rentals: BOATS

2 Additional: EXTRA

3 Allowed to enter: LETIN

4 Cleeves who wrote Shetland Island mysteries: ANN

5 Bed-ins for Peace participant: YOKOONO

6 Native Alaskan: ALEUT

7 Monthly expense: RENT

8 Belafonte classic: DAYO

9 Lynn portrayer in "Coal Miner's Daughter": SPACEK

10 Mexican money: PESO

11 Minuscule amount: ATOM

12 Ump's call: SAFE

15 Queasiness: NAUSEA

21 Reputation stain: BLOT

22 Winter warm spell: THAW

24 __ ex machina: DEUS

27 Peacock's gait: STRUT

28 Scheme: PLOT

29 K-12, in brief: ELHI

30 Bit attachment: REIN

31 Do a number, say: SING

32 Supermodel Banks: TYRA

33 Line holder: REEL

34 Handling the matter: ONIT

35 Familiar with: UPON

39 Sirius, e.g.: STAR

41 Lewd stuff: SMUT

42 Pupa protector: COCOON

43 2020 candidate Beto: OROURKE

44 Inch or mile: UNIT

46 Wellesley graduate: ALUMNA

49 Asparagus piece: SPEAR

50 Fodder for a Fire, say: EBOOK

51 Food recall cause: ECOLI

52 Truck stop array: SEMIS

53 Send using 52-Down: SHIP

54 Finish, as a road: PAVE

55 Algerian seaport: ORAN

56 Colorado-based sports org.: USOC

57 Digital recorder: TIVO

61 MLB rally killers, briefly, and a hint to what's in the four longest puzzle answers: DPS

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