LA Times Crossword answers Friday 6 September 2019

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Los Angeles Times 6 September 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 6 September 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Source of seasonal color: LEAF

5 Like bubble baths: SUDSY

10 Golfer at Royal Troon, often: SCOT

14 "I'm buying!": ONME

15 "America" soloist in "West Side Story": ANITA

16 It parallels a radius: ULNA

17 Hot spot: OVEN

18 Philanthropic football player? GIVINGBACK

20 Varieties: KINDS

22 "Diana" singer: ANKA

23 Stooge Howard: MOE

24 Football player who's PR-savvy? MEDIACENTER

27 Head for the hills: RUN

28 Spots: ADS

29 Groovy cousin: RAD

30 Usher: ESCORT

32 No different from, with "the": SAMEAS

35 "One more thing ... ": ALSO

36 Football player with a line? FISHINGTACKLE

40 Work out ahead of time: PLAN

41 Appropriate: SEEMLY

42 Targets: AIMSAT

45 Fjord kin: RIA

46 Book jacket info: BIO

49 Goal feature: NET

50 Football player with management skills? BUSINESSEND

54 Hubbub: ADO

55 Fictional hunchbacked helper: IGOR

56 Like many windows: PANED

57 Football player at the beach? COASTGUARD

61 It's abuzz with activity: HIVE

62 Cover for an ear: HUSK

63 Ending with poly-: ESTER

64 Chills: ICES

65 "At Last" singer James: ETTA

66 Monopoly stack: DEEDS

67 Friend of Mary Poppins: BERT


1 Start of a kid's show-offy cry: LOOKMA

2 Painfully wished one had: ENVIED

3 Changes, as a law: AMENDS

4 Luxury handbag brand: FENDI

5 Give somewhat: SAG

6 Start to cycle? UNI

7 Backless sofa: DIVAN

8 Period of work: STINT

9 "Sandman" or "Joltin' Joe": YANKEE

10 Long sandwich: SUB

11 Seafood sandwich: CLAMROLL

12 Headed the right way: ONCOURSE

13 Fallen for: TAKENTO

19 Long-nosed fish: GARS

21 Joe's 2008 election counterpart: SARAH

25 Lingerie item, briefly: CAMI

26 Blissful settings: EDENS

31 Like dried mud: CAKY

32 Govt. IDs: SSNS

33 Time of one's life? AGE

34 Harsh: STERN

36 Hit one that was caught on the warning track, say: FLIEDOUT

37 Acknowledgment of being sunk? IAMTOAST

38 Parisian friend: AMIE

39 Hold tight: CLASP

40 Pizazz: PANACHE

43 Barely more than not at all: ABIT

44 Pulled: TUGGED

46 "No fighting, now": BENICE

47 "The nerve!": INEVER

48 Weird to the max: ODDEST

51 Drunkard: SOUSE

52 Ticked off: IRATE

53 Indian title of respect: SAHIB

58 Reggae relative: SKA

59 Wine choice: RED

60 No and J: DRS

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