LA Times Crossword answers Monday 6 September 2021

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Los Angeles Times 6 September 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 6 September 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Quick snooze: NAP

4 Dangerous snakes: ASPS

8 Grammar lesson subject: USAGE

13 Commercial suffix with Cray- or Motor-: OLA

14 Nose (around): SNOOP

15 Catcher's position: SQUAT

16 "Let me consider this for a bit": ILLTHINKABOUTIT

19 Step on a flight: STAIR

20 Presidential period: ERA

21 First-rate: AONE

22 "Who can predict the future?": YOUNEVERKNOW

26 Mild Dutch cheese: EDAM

27 Territory that lent its name to two states: DAKOTA

31 Partiality: BIAS

34 Congregational seats: PEWS

37 Former Russian royals: TSARS

38 Toronto's prov.: ONT

39 "Maybe": PERHAPS

41 "Hooray team!": RAH

42 Get one past the goalie: SCORE

44 Walk-the-dog toy: YOYO

45 Catch sight of: ESPY

46 "Great White North" country: CANADA

48 Elaborate ruse: HOAX

50 "We'll just have to wait to find out": TIMEWILLTELL

56 Sign of sorrow: TEAR

59 __ tai: MAI

60 Folded manuscript sheet: FOLIO

61 "Can't rule anything out": ITSAPOSSIBILITY

65 Singer's asset: VOICE

66 Like things that make your skin crawl: EERIE

67 Article in some hip-hop titles: THA

68 Beginning: ONSET

69 Haul with effort: DRAG

70 Sushi fish that must be cooked: EEL


1 Hard on the ears: NOISY

2 For __ see: in plain sight: ALLTO

3 Caroline Islands nation: PALAU

4 Singer-songwriter DiFranco: ANI

5 #43, to #41: SON

6 Texas Hold 'em, e.g.: POKER

7 Engine plug discharge: SPARK

8 "For the Boys" org.: USO

9 Parrots a parrot: SQUAWKS

10 Car: AUTO

11 Profit: GAIN

12 Suffix with novel: ETTE

14 Rip to pieces: SHRED

17 Trident tips: TINES

18 Radiohead or Motšrhead: BAND

23 Puff on an e-cig: VAPE

24 39-Down board: EMERY

25 "Wild" things to sow: OATS

28 Rowboat pair: OARS

29 Lobster pot, e.g.: TRAP

30 Like a well-used fireplace: ASHY

31 Brown-skinned pear: BOSC

32 Peruvian empire of old: INCA

33 Lots: ATON

35 "Which person?": WHO

36 Greet, with "to": SAYHI

39 Treat for the feet: PEDI

40 Where Marco Polo is played: POOL

43 Daily grind: RATRACE

45 Praise to the hilt: EXTOL

47 Arsenal stockpile: AMMO

49 2004 remake starring Jude Law: ALFIE

51 Let up: EASED

52 Older partner? WISER

53 High society: ELITE

54 Nimble: LITHE

55 Faithful: LOYAL

56 Watch-when-you-want gadget: TIVO

57 Prince Harry's alma mater: ETON

58 Like no-returns merchandise: ASIS

62 Champ, to Biden: PET

63 Rollover acronym: IRA

64 Huge: BIG

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