LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 7 August 2019

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Los Angeles Times 7 August 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 7 August 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 "__ your age!": ACT

4 Many 4WD autos: SUVS

8 Oafish: CLUMSY

14 Feel badly about: RUE

15 Slightly: ABIT

16 100-lawmaker group: SENATE

17 *Secret stage exit: TRAPDOOR

19 Gets ready to drive: TEESUP

20 Tempe sch.: ASU

21 Out of the wind: ALEE

23 A, in many orgs.: ASSN

24 Frosts, as cupcakes: ICES

25 *Forte of Savion Glover and Gregory Hines: TAPDANCING

28 Comes clean? BATHES

30 Persuaded: WONOVER

31 Northern Iraqi city: MOSUL

32 Indian flatbread: NAAN

34 Botch the job: ERR

35 *Impractical hope: PIPEDREAM

39 Brief writer, briefly: ATT

42 Blew away: AWED

43 Pick up the tab: TREAT

47 Low-cost product: CHEAPIE

50 Midsize Chevy: IMPALA

51 *Pass/fail metaphor: SINKORSWIM

54 Cruise stopover: ISLE

55 Night in Paris: NUIT

56 Array in a British pantry: TINS

57 Lobster dinner accessory: BIB

58 Become fond of: WARMTO

60 '70s covert White House intelligence group ... and, in a more conventional sense, a hint to the starts of the answers to starred clues: PLUMBERS

63 Singer who was 15 in 2009 when his debut EP "My World" was released: BIEBER

64 "Downton Abbey" title: EARL

65 Droop: SAG

66 Passions: ARDORS

67 Salon colors: DYES

68 "Inside the NBA" network: TNT


1 Sotheby's showing: ART

2 Liqueur named for an island: CURACAO

3 Dollhouse dishes: TEASETS

4 Downcast: SAD


6 It's tuned an octave higher than a cello: VIOLA

7 Penicillin target: STREP

8 Omaha winter hrs.: CST

9 Womack of country: LEEANN

10 Worldwide cultural org.: UNESCO

11 Enormous: MASSIVE

12 Major upset, say: STUNNER

13 Slangy "Sure": YEP

18 Pecs builder: PUSHUP

22 Name of eight English kings: EDWARD

24 PC pioneer: IBM

26 Tops: AONE

27 Watchdog warning: GRR

29 New Haven collegian: ELI

32 Most recent: NEWEST

33 Fruit drink suffix: ADE

36 Pliers unit: PAIR

37 Bill-filled device: ATM

38 Onetime Dr Pepper rival: MRPIBB

39 Apt. coolers: ACS

40 Vanishing point? THINAIR

41 Like many veteran professors: TENURED

44 Least challenging: EASIEST

45 High-fiber Kellogg's cereal: ALLBRAN

46 __ kwon do: TAE

48 With hands on hips: AKIMBO

49 Wizard with a scar: POTTER

50 Confident reply: IMSURE

52 Cleaned with a cloth: WIPED

53 Woodwork pattern: INLAY

58 Fighters' org.: WBA

59 "Grey's Anatomy" sets, briefly: ORS

61 D.C. United org.: MLS

62 Police dept. rank: SGT

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