LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 7 December 2016

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Los Angeles Times 7 December 2016 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 7 December 2016

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Kind of basin: TIDAL

6 State secrets? RAT

9 Intense dislike: ODIUM

14 Act poorly? EMOTE

15 Run a tab, say: OWE

16 Words between two "thanks": BUTNO

17 Chef protector: APRON

18 See 8-Down: MEX

19 Floorboard support: JOIST

20 Many a Sundance film: INDIE

22 Rent payer: LESSEE

23 Registered names: Abbr.: TMS

25 Action at the front: COMBAT

28 H.S. hurdle: SAT

29 Adorn: BEDECK

32 Comical punctuation marks from the drummer: RIMSHOTS

34 Marshy lowland: SWALE

35 Chihuahua, por ejemplo: ESTADO

36 "__ Eyes": Eagles hit: LYIN

37 '60s campus gp.: SDS

38 Hieroglyphics reptiles: ASPS

41 "Do __, not ... ": ASISAY

43 Work on, as a stubborn squeak: REOIL

45 Tablets' kin: CAPSULES

48 Swingline insert: STAPLE

49 2,170-mi. trail terminus: ORE

50 Walk with style: SASHAY

52 Luau music provider: UKE

53 Wanting too much: GREEDY

55 Pry: SNOOP

58 Cookie named for its flavor: NILLA

59 Aromatic necklace: LEI

61 Stage performances: PLAYS

64 Words after miss or skip: ABEAT

65 Resting place: BED

66 Down source: EIDER

67 Singer Bruni married to Nicolas Sarkozy: CARLA

68 Morning cuppa: JOE

69 Amounts to: COSTS


1 Leaves in a bag: TEA

2 Prankster: IMP

3 "Pillow Talk" actress: DORISDAY

4 Lots: ATON

5 Provide with for a time: LEND

6 Montague lad: ROMEO

7 Blow away: AWE

8 With 18-Across, Southwestern cuisine: TEX

9 Museum pieces: OBJETSDART

10 Lucy and Ethel and Thelma and Louise: DUOS

11 "Indeed!": ITISSO

12 Oust, in a way: UNSEAT

13 Church choral works: MOTETS

21 "Eww!": ICK

22 Tibetan title: LAMA

23 "Angie Tribeca" channel: TBS

24 Weak cry: MEWL

26 Brand of blended seasonings: MRSDASH

27 Itsy-__: BITSY

30 Inventor Howe: ELIAS

31 Population information: CENSUSDATA

33 Book after Daniel: HOSEA

35 Ulysses threesome? ESSES

39 Web irritants ... and what appears in each set of puzzle circles? POPUPADS

40 __-screen printing: SILK

42 Faulkner's "As __ Dying": ILAY

44 Actor Marvin of "Cat Ballou": LEE

45 Courvoisier, e.g.: COGNAC

46 Speedy Gonzales cry: ARRIBA

47 Kitchen gadget: PEELER

48 OED entry: SYN

51 Words for the audience: ASIDE

54 Hebrew for "skyward": ELAL

56 Oil bloc: OPEC

57 Hodgepodge: OLIO

59 Pres. sworn in on Air Force One: LBJ

60 Job listing ltrs.: EEO

62 "Is it soup __?": YET

63 Fourth-yr. students: SRS

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