LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 7 December 2019

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Los Angeles Times 7 December 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 7 December 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Hardly rah-rah: APATHETIC

10 Peeved cries: DRATS

15 Period that ended with the death of Marcus Aurelius: PAXROMANA

16 See 20-Down: EIGHT

17 Regimen: TREATMENT

18 Former TBS comedy "__ Tribeca": ANGIE

19 Longtime E Street Band member: NILSLOFGREN

21 Storage areas: CLOSETS

25 Gives the cold shoulder, in slang: ICESOUT

26 Like the weakest excuse: LAMEST

27 Jones of jazz: ETTA

28 Certain tournaments: OPENS

29 When body temperature is typically highest: AFTERNOON

34 Org. that runs some 28-Across: USGA

35 Bight, e.g.: INLET

36 Words before many words: INSO

37 Sci-fi superweapon: DEATHSTAR

39 "The Lady of the Lake" author: SCOTT

40 Touched down: ALIT

41 Rival of Kaspersky: MCAFEE

42 Employment hot topic: WAGEGAP

46 With nothing owing: PAIDFOR

47 Public relations specialists: IMAGEMAKERS

49 One who can't pass the bar? TOPER

50 Savory North African poached-egg dish: SHAKSHUKA

55 Get ready to break: CREST

56 Dissuade from doing: TALKOUTOF

57 Last-minute: HASTY

58 Unjokingly: INEARNEST


1 Well put: APT

2 Standard course number: PAR

3 Splitting tool: AXE

4 Singing syllable: TRA

5 Sex appeal: HOTNESS

6 NFL great Smith who won "Dancing With the Stars" in 2006: EMMITT

7 Asian weight units: TAELS

8 Fawlty Towers et al.: INNS

9 Useful remedy for getting stuck in snow: CATLITTER

10 Unkind thing to turn: DEAFEAR

11 Championship awards: RINGS

12 Combative, slangily: AGGRO

13 '60s-'70s South Vietnamese president: THIEU

14 Medical tube: STENT

20 Group of 16-Across: OCTET

21 Storage area: CLOUD

22 Slip: LAPSE

23 Onassis' first: OMEGA

24 French upper house: SENAT

27 Key of Beethoven's "Eroica": EFLAT

29 Ristorante courses: ANTIPASTI

30 Battery acronym: NICAD

31 Binary, in a way: ONOFF

32 Bony prefix: OSTEO

33 One who pays attention: NOTER

35 Faith with five pillars: ISLAM

38 Julie of "Airplane!": HAGERTY

39 Cut out: SCISSOR

41 Pre-euro Finnish currency: MARKKA

42 First speaker in "Macbeth": WITCH

43 Marvel Comics' original Enchantress: AMORA

44 Reacts in wonder: GAPES

45 Discharge: EGEST

46 "A Guide to Confident Living" author: PEALE

48 "Star Trek" villain: KHAN

51 Catalaunian Plains combatant, 451 AD: HUN

52 Adaptable vehicle, for short: UTE

53 Ali had 37: KOS

54 Blackbeard's backward: AFT

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