LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 7 February 2018

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Los Angeles Times 7 February 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 7 February 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Curve on a slalom, e.g.: ESS

4 Frugal folks: SAVERS

10 Sea devastated by irrigation projects: ARAL

14 "Something tells __ should've stayed in bed": MEI

15 Brunch staple: OMELET

16 Walk worriedly: PACE

17 Super-fun experience: BANGUPTIME

19 Tolkien beasts: ORCS

20 Concrete strengtheners: REBARS

21 German auto pioneer: DAIMLER

23 Junior or senior: YEAR

24 Certain baby tiger: BENGALCUB

26 Grandmotherly type: OLDDEAR

29 Sarge's superior: LOOIE

30 Stand behind: ENDORSE

34 Rural stopover: INN

35 Cramming three seasons into a weekend, say: BINGEWATCHING

39 A pop: PER

40 Contemptuous one: SNEERER

41 Wolf pack member: UBOAT

44 Natural night lights: AURORAS

48 Salsa percussion instrument: BONGODRUM

52 Crowe's "A Beautiful Mind" role: NASH

53 Remove field heat from before storage, as crops: PRECOOL

54 Japanese faith: SHINTO

56 Like cotton candy: SPUN

57 Securing strap: BUNGEECORD

59 Owned: HELD

60 Horseshoes score: LEANER

61 Short-lived obsession: FAD

62 Neighborhood: AREA

63 Make certain: ENSURE

64 Trout lure: FLY


1 Developmental stage: EMBRYO

2 Sargasso wriggler: SEAEEL

3 Nautical stage name of comedian David Adkins: SINBAD

4 Lemony cocktail: SOUR

5 Rock concert gear: AMPS

6 Zoo staffer: VET

7 Slur over: ELIDE

8 Hire a new crew for: REMAN

9 "Shrek!" author William: STEIG

10 Historic Harlem theater: APOLLO

11 Treasury collectible: RARECOIN

12 Accumulating, as interest: ACCRUING

13 "__ Miz": LES

18 Source of tomatoes for homemade sauce: GARDEN

22 Bad beginning? MAL

24 "Iron Chef Showdown" host Alton: BROWN

25 "Big" London attraction: BEN

27 ESL part: Abbr.: ENG

28 Citrus drinks: ADES

31 "Is This Love" singer Corinne Bailey __: RAE

32 Power source: STEAM

33 Sandy-colored: ECRU

35 1940s jazzman: BEBOPPER

36 Totalitarian control: IRONRULE

37 Naval pronoun: HER

38 Having a twist: IRONIC

39 Happy hour site: PUB

42 It may form the outline for a meeting's minutes: AGENDA

43 Front-of-bk. list: TOC

45 Skedaddled: RANOFF

46 Celestial: ASTRAL

47 Substandard: SHODDY

49 Paso __: two-step dance: DOBLE

50 City where Joan of Arc died: ROUEN

51 Arm bones: ULNAS

54 Crystal ball reader: SEER

55 Where you are, on a mall map: HERE

56 __ Na Na: SHA

58 Bearded grazer: GNU

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