LA Times Crossword answers Friday 7 February 2020

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Los Angeles Times 7 February 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 7 February 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Component of an Olympic bronze medal: ZINC

5 Off-road vehicle maker? TONKA

10 Peddle: HAWK

14 Brand in a studio, maybe: IKEA

15 Chooser's choice: EVENS

16 Onetime capital of the Mughal Empire: AGRA

17 Seats facing the altar: PEWS

18 Alley button: RESET

19 Genesis problem: RAIN

20 Soiree for woodchip manufacturers? SPLINTERPARTY

23 Energized: AMPED

25 Inspection: LOOKSEE

26 Soiree for certain divers? PEARLJAM

30 Govt. stipend: SSI

31 Angel dust letters: PCP

32 Neural transmitter: AXON

34 Powerful 2017 hurricane: IRMA

37 Soiree for spreadsheet creators? CELLRECEPTION

41 Solo number: ARIA

42 Gear for Lindsey Vonn: SKIS

43 Service reward: TIP

45 PETA concern: FUR

47 Soiree for fake coin makers? SLUGFEST

50 Need for big dos: CATERER

54 Spherical extremities: POLES

55 Soiree for army enlistees? PRIVATEAFFAIR

59 Green hue: LIME

60 Louvre Pyramid architect: IMPEI

61 Chatroom spammers: BOTS

64 Manipulates: USES

65 Really funny ones: RIOTS

66 City-circumventing road: LOOP

67 Hot message: SEXT

68 American in Paris, perhaps: EXPAT

69 One of 11 for Julia Louis-Dreyfus: EMMY


1 12345, for Schenectady, NY: ZIP

2 Turner on a turntable: IKE

3 Times, at times: NEWSPAPER

4 Spirited toon? CASPER

5 Actress Hatcher: TERI

6 "Top Chef" set piece: OVEN

7 Building project for cranes? NEST

8 Get down to earth? KNEEL

9 First pro team to play on artificial turf: ASTROS

10 Samurai ritual: HARAKIRI

11 Lab gelatins: AGARS

12 Pen: WRITE

13 GOOD Music record label founder: KANYE

21 Cholesterol letters: LDL

22 Presume: POSIT

23 Common 99-cent purchase: APP

24 Hajji's destination: MECCA

27 Potter's creation: JAR

28 Plot lines: AXES

29 Imitates derisively: MOCKS

33 "American Gods" author Gaiman: NEIL

35 Traveler's overnight spot: MOTELROOM

36 Seasoning seed: ANISE

38 Buoyant protection: LIFEVEST

39 Actress Dern of "Twin Peaks": LAURA

40 Sch. with a Harrisburg campus: PSU

44 NBA stat: PTS

46 Hang up the spikes: RETIRE

48 2.3, perhaps: Abbr.: GPA

49 Slight character flaw: FOIBLE

50 2.3, roughly: CPLUS

51 Come up: ARISE

52 Big name in stopwatches: TIMEX

53 Compilation album add-on: REMIX

56 Per item: APOP

57 Spanakopita cheese: FETA

58 Solidarity symbol: FIST

62 First of a generic trio: TOM

63 Expert on bugs? SPY

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