LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 7 February 2021

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Los Angeles Times 7 February 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 7 February 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 She plays Niobe in ÒThe MatrixÓ sequels: JADA

5 Õ70s Connecticut governor Ella: GRASSO

11 Requiring utensils, as some sandwiches: OPENFACE

19 Pitcher Hershiser: OIEL

20 Searched roughly: RIFLED

21 Apparent displacement due to observer movement: PARALLAX

22 Facility for processing vacation requests? LEAVEOFFICE

24 Facility where the higher-ups do business? STATUSBAI

26 Puts on cargo: LADES

27 ÒItÕs a __!Ó: FACT

28 ORD postings: ETAS

29 Expert: ACE

30 English race place: ASCOT

31 Hides: LIESLOW

35 Reagan secretary of state: SHULTZ

37 Click beetles: ELATERS

39 Wyoming natives: AIAPAHOS

42 Peak: ZENITH

44 Facility for researching cocoa-based goodies? CHOCOLATELAB

48 Muesli morsel: OAT

49 City NNW of San Francisco: EUIEKA

53 __-Ball: arcade game: SKEE

54 Place for a hero: DELI

55 Pizzeria fixture: OVEN


59 Last of a series: OMEGA

62 Help: AID

63 Red Cross supply: SERUM

65 Deck alternatives: PATIOS

67 Advisories: ALERTS

69 Facility for baking custard-filled pastries? NAPOLEONCOMPLEX

74 Minds: SEESTO

77 Composer Prokofiev: SEIGEI

78 Master, in Hindi: SAHIB

82 Zero deg. at the equator, say: LAT

83 Impact sound: SPLAT

87 Put (away): SALTED

89 California lake near the Nevada border: MONO

90 Unpopular spots: ACNE

92 Donor drive target: ALUM

94 Eye: PEERAT

96 Tabloid topic: UFO

97 Facility for purchasing the latest fad items? WHATSINSTOIE

101 Fingers: RATSON

103 Indian cooking style: TANDOORI

104 Michelin product: CARTIRE

107 Some are vital: ORGANS

110 Shapes again: REMOLDS

112 Slangy denials: NOPES

115 Super Bowl LIV halftime performer: JLO

116 Ph.D. hurdle: DISS

119 Kind of 1940s suit: ZOOT

120 Gown fabric: TULLE

121 Facility for a matchmaker? SETUPSHOP

124 Facility for cloning research? DOUBLESPACE

126 Disinfect: SANITIZE

127 Start a paragraph, maybe: INDENT

128 Writer Bagnold: ENID

129 Many kilt wearers: SCOTSMEN

130 Pickles: MESSES

131 Yardsticks: Abbr.: STDS


1 La __, San Diego neighborhood thatÕs home to Scripps Research: JOLLA

2 Neighborhoods: AIEAS

3 Facility for recycling old batteries? DEADCENTER

4 Lung air sacs: ALVEOLI

5 Miracle-__: GRO

6 Thumb (through): RIFFLE

7 Fling: AFFAIR

8 Pizzeria offerings: SLICES

9 Shakers and others: SECTS

10 KeatsÕ ÒTo Autumn,Ó e.g.: ODE

11 Black __: OPS

12 Toast topping: PATE

13 Part of Q.E.D.: ERAT

14 Foe of Rocky and Bullwinkle: NATASHA

15 Frequent subject in recent headlines: FLUSHOT

16 Green and Yankovic: ALS

17 Conspiring group: CABAL

18 Strict: EXACT

23 ItÕs often divided: ESTATE

25 __-de-chaussŽe: ground floor: IEZ

32 ÒWell, __-di-dah!Ó: LAH

33 Suit in a Spanish deck of cards: OIOS

34 Off-the-wall: WACKO

36 Worn: USED

38 Sound of an impact: THUD

40 Work with feet: POEM

41 Toward the sheltered side: ALEE

42 Attractions in San Diego and the Bronx: ZOOS

43 IcicleÕs locale: EAVE

44 Privia Pro Stage pianos, e.g.: CASIOS

45 CordeliaÕs father: LEAR

46 Touched down: ALIT

47 Bridge actions: BIDS

50 Seized vehicle: IEPO

51 Its planes have missile defense systems: ELAL

52 Toy with a tail: KITE

56 Women with habits: NUNS

58 Sharpens: HONES

60 Liquid meas.: GAL

61 They may be bitter: ALES

64 Gym equipment: MATS

66 Tough spot: SCIAPE

68 Physical, say: EXAM

70 Weasel report? POP

71 Stare at in a creepy way: OGLE

72 Distribute, with ÒoutÓ: METE

73 Waterfront sight: PIER

74 Leaves on a dog: SLAW

75 A head: EACH

76 Peak seen from Messina: ETNA

79 Facility for manufacturing homes? HOUSEPLANT

80 Skinny: INFO

81 Godsend: BOON

84 Arrive, in a way: LAND

85 Plus: ALSO

86 Pre-test helper: TUTOR

88 Flier with a flight: DART

91 Jazz diva Jones: ETTA

93 Seconds, say: MORE

95 Contaminates: TAINTS

98 Excavation site: SANDPIT

99 IsnÕt at all wishy-washy: INSISTS

100 Glass lip: IIM

102 Thespian companies: TROUPES

104 ÒFeather canyons everywhere,Ó to Joni Mitchell: CLOUDS

105 Building blocks: ADOBES

106 Givens in the ÒWheel of FortuneÓ bonus round: RSTLNE

107 Drinks in the a.m.: OJS

108 Like non-oyster months, traditionally: RLESS

109 Did okay in class: GOTAC

111 __ layer: OZONE

113 Heston title role: ELCID

114 Sprouts-to-be: SEEDS

117 MasonÕs wedge: SHIM

118 ÒThe Usual SuspectsÓ crime lord Keyser __: SOZE

122 108-card game: UNO

123 Montblanc product: PEN

124 Hard to see in: DIM

125 Sci-fi beings: ETS

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