LA Times Crossword answers Monday 7 February 2022

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Los Angeles Times 7 February 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 7 February 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Has a balance due: OWES

5 Fish with valuable roe: SHAD

9 Jeweler's weight unit: CARAT

14 Extra-long dress: MAXI

15 "Those __ the days!": WERE

16 Sister company of Enterprise Rent-A-Car: ALAMO

17 Wide smile: GRIN

18 Arab League dignitary: EMIR

19 "The Thinker" sculptor: RODIN

20 Gets trounced: TAKESABEATING

23 Crime scene clue exposed by dusting: PRINT

24 Candied veggie: YAM

25 Apple operating system: IOS

26 "I get it now!": AHA

27 Palindromic man's name: OTTO

30 Royal flush card: TEN

32 Cubs' caretakers: MAMABEARS

35 Foamy hot drink: LATTE

39 "College GameDay" channel: ESPN

40 Vinyl collectible: ALBUM

42 Pork or beef: MEAT

43 Tree houses: NESTS

45 Veggies from Peru: LIMABEANS

47 Approx. landing hr.: ETA

49 Ripped apart: TORE

50 Cloud's place: SKY

51 Govt. Rx watchdog: FDA

54 Fœtbol cheer: OLE

56 Caribbean cruise stops: ISLES

58 Home of the Metropolitan Opera ... and a hint to the "honest" guy hiding in 20-, 32- and 45-Across: LINCOLNCENTER

62 Like much beer at a bar: ONTAP

63 "Et voilˆ!": TADA

64 Slack-jawed look: GAPE

67 Salary increase: RAISE

68 Managed, with "out": EKED

69 Brainstorm: IDEA

70 Like a javelin's path: ARCED

71 Russo of "Tin Cup": RENE

72 Russian autocrat: TSAR


1 "Can u believe it?!": OMG

2 Card-vs.-card game: WAR

3 Highway turnoffs: EXITRAMPS

4 Red Sea peninsula: SINAI

5 Sugary Southern beverage: SWEETTEA

6 Blouse edges: HEMS

7 Operatic solo: ARIA

8 Churchill Downs race: DERBY

9 Milky Way ingredient: CARAMEL

10 Tons: ALOT

11 Diameter halves: RADII

12 Essential acid, familiarly: AMINO

13 Salad bar pair: TONGS

21 Etch A Sketch control: KNOB

22 Have a bite: EAT

23 Temporary stage: PHASE

26 "I feel the same way!": AMEN

28 Starbucks size after Short: TALL

29 Planet's path: ORBIT

31 Birth certificate entry: NAME

33 Initial poker stake: ANTE

34 Osaka wrestler: SUMO

36 Promos to pique interest: TEASERADS

37 Homes for pet fish: TANKS

38 Site with homemade gifts: ETSY

41 Pre-grilling sauce: MARINADE

44 Bent down: STOOPED

46 Second to none: BEST

48 Every one: ALL

51 Plant life: FLORA

52 Bahrain currency: DINAR

53 Playful prank: ANTIC

55 Large keyboard key: ENTER

57 On the level: LEGIT

59 Social worker's assignment: CASE

60 Birthday candle holder: CAKE

61 Genesis garden: EDEN

65 Split __ soup: PEA

66 Organ with a canal: EAR

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