LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 7 January 2020

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Los Angeles Times 7 January 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 7 January 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Indian music style: RAGA

5 French "to be": ETRE

9 Goldman __: investment banking giant: SACHS

14 Go with the __: FLOW

15 Thieves' hideout: LAIR

16 Thief: CROOK

17 Not be serious: KIDAROUND

19 Like the accent in passé: ACUTE

20 French monarch: ROI

21 Hockey score: GOAL

23 Cold War mil. program: SDI

24 "Answer with the first thing that comes to mind" exercise: WORDASSOCIATION

29 Golfer Michelle: WIE

30 "I've seen better": MEH

31 Playground equipment: SWINGS

32 Quaint lodging: INN

33 Passé: OLDHAT

36 World's largest lizards: KOMODODRAGONS

42 "Peer Gynt Suite" dancer: ANITRA

43 "Mangia!": EAT

45 Wine city north of Lisbon: OPORTO

48 CEO's degree: MBA

51 Wallet single: ONE

52 '70s Chilean president: SALVADORALLENDE

56 Ed.'s backlog: MSS

57 Actress Russo: RENE

58 World Cup cheer: OLE

59 Funny Cheri: OTERI

61 Nutty ice cream parlor order ... and a hint to each set of circled letters: ROCKYROAD

66 Seasonal mall temp: SANTA

67 "Omigosh!": YIPE

68 Loitering, say: IDLE

69 German steel city: ESSEN

70 Some pipe joints: ELLS

71 Utopia: EDEN


1 D.C. United's former stadium: RFK

2 "Green Book" Oscar winner Mahershala: ALI

3 Neptune or Pluto: GOD

4 Palme d'Or, e.g.: AWARD

5 Kid-lit girl who lives on the "tippy-top floor" of the Plaza Hotel: ELOISE

6 Cross-shaped Greek letter: TAU

7 Second Beatle on the "Abbey Road" cover: RINGO

8 Ambulance patient's MD: ERDOC

9 Scoundrel: SCALAWAG

10 Fly ball's path: ARC

11 "My __ Vinny": 1992 comedy: COUSIN

12 Show-off: HOTDOG

13 Wound yarn units: SKEINS

18 Travel aimlessly: ROAM

22 "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" host Tyler: AISHA

24 1914-'18 conflict, briefly: WWI

25 Farm grunt: OINK

26 Nevada casino city: RENO

27 Photo session: SHOOT

28 Latin jazz great Puente: TITO

34 Pres. or P.M.: LDR

35 Pulitzer category: DRAMA

37 Sportscaster Albert: MARV

38 Toronto native: ONTARIAN

39 LED component: DIODE

40 Hard-to-miss sign: NEON

41 Beach pailful: SAND

44 Summer shirt: TEE

45 Be absorbed gradually: OSMOSE

46 Farfalle and fusilli: PASTAS

47 Acting twins Mary-Kate and Ashley: OLSENS

49 Cambridge chaps: BLOKES

50 Treaty partner: ALLY

53 Sandwich shop specification: ONRYE

54 Lubricate again: REOIL

55 Like "Stranger Things": EERIE

60 Numbered hwy.: RTE

62 Lowest-ranking NCO: CPL

63 Roulette bet: ODD

64 Brewpub pour: ALE

65 Thieves' hideout: DEN

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