LA Times Crossword answers Friday 7 January 2022

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Los Angeles Times 7 January 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 7 January 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 TV show featuring both blood cells and jail cells: CSI

4 Not exactly a warm blanket: SNOW

8 "Heavens!": MYGOSH

14 Boo: HON

15 Club in a Manilow hit: COPA

16 Waver's cry: YOOHOO

17 Chef and author Garten: INA

18 Green card offerer: AMEX

19 *Works with needles: SKNITS

20 Mob inductee: MADEMAN

22 *Binge-watch on Netflix, say: VHEGOUT

23 Grand __: PRIX

24 *Hero's place: DELIA

26 Chaney of the screen: LON

28 *Work position with little mobility? DESRKJMOB

34 *Italian sparkling wine region: ASETIS

37 *Tweetstorm, e.g.: TIORAADE

38 *Makes splashes at the shore ... and what each answer to a starred clue does: SKMIPLSSTNONTES

40 *Sandie ingredients: PEMCAYNS

41 *Existential funk: ANGTST

42 *Crisis specialists: SWAATTEAM

44 Hopped-up refreshment? ALE

45 OutKast chart topper with the lyric "My baby don't mess around": HEYYA

47 Humorist Bombeck: ERMA

50 Bebop lover: HIPSTER

55 One crossing the line? ROADHOG

57 Like some garages: ONECAR

58 Word with bike or bag: DIRT

59 Fertility clinic collections: OVA

60 Ones taking advantage of suckers to get by? OCTOPI

61 __ alphabet: NATO

62 Lip: RIM

63 Secure: FASTEN

64 Early creation: ADAM

65 Word in wedding announcements: NEE


1 First hominid in space: CHIMP

2 Bat signal? SONAR


4 Email to watch out for: SCAM

5 One lacking roots: NOMAD

6 Made the first bet: OPENED

7 Need on the slopes or the waves: WAX

8 1979 #1 hit by The Knack: MYSHARONA

9 Draft choice? YOKE

10 It has a nice ring to it: GONG

11 Home to Athens and Dublin: OHIO

12 Yearly address, initially: SOTU

13 One sending a Zoom link: HOST

21 Stranger things: EXOTICA

22 Friends often pay one: VISIT

25 "Supposing ... ": LETSSAY

27 Playfully bite: NIPAT

29 Swedish coin: KRONA

30 Clanked around, like keys in one's pocket: JANGLED

31 Swiss peak: MATTERHORN

32 Oft-spoken tributes: ODES

33 Outdo: BEST

34 Serpents in some hieroglyphics: ASPS

35 Bias: SKEW

36 Severus Snape's house: SLYTHERIN

39 Look on Snape's face, often: SNEER

43 Large number: MYRIAD

46 Major artery: AORTA

48 Flick: MOVIE

49 Top performance level: AGAME

50 One of a buck's four: HOOF

51 Quechua speaker: INCA

52 Many adoptees: PETS

53 Paisley native: SCOT

54 It's on a roll: TAPE

56 Tiny bit: ATOM

58 1-Across evidence: DNA

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