LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 7 July 2019

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Los Angeles Times 7 July 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 7 July 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Einstein's "m": MASS

5 Game with knights: CHESS

10 Missouri city nickname: STJOE

15 Cell accumulation: APPS

19 Some choristers: ALTI

20 Auto pioneer Henry: ROYCE

21 Woman on the original "Star Trek" bridge: UHURA

22 Fish or book lead-in: BLUE

23 Enjoy prettifying the gifts? GLADLYWIAP

25 Fast-spreading Web units: MEMES

26 Spanish muralist: SEIT

27 "Piece of cake": NOPROBLEM

28 Wrinkled Sunday dinner? RUMPLYROAST

30 Home of Odysseus: ITHACA

31 What pros know, with "the": ROPES

32 The Big Ten's Boilermakers: PURDUE

33 Makes red-faced: ABASHES

37 Brew in big containers: KEGBEER

38 Skinny, loose-jointed club golfer? GANGLYMEMBEI

43 "The Enemy Within" org.: CIA

44 Deg. for crown fitters: DDS

45 "Tiny Alice" dramatist: ALBEE

46 Golden State school whose city is also its county: UCSB

47 Doesn't abandon, as one's promise: HOLDSTO

51 Strategize: PLAN

52 Helena winter hrs.: MST

53 Yale of Yale fame: ELIHU

55 "The Easter Parade" author Richard: YATES

58 "Nobody wins!": ITSATIE

60 How checks are written: ININK

62 Nine-piece combo: NONET

64 "Fooled you!": NOT

65 Dishes like a 28-Across? HOMELYCOOKING

70 Morse "T": DAH

71 Sugar coating: GLAZE

73 Kindle download: EBOOK

74 Bishop's district: DIOCESE

76 "Phooey!" cousins: DRATS

78 Dense overgrowth: BRUSH

80 Bad picnic omen: ANT

81 Marseille mates: AMIS

82 Sandburg's metaphorical fog carrier: CATFEET

84 Barbarian: OGRE

86 Preserved, in a way: ONICE

87 Span. title: SIA

90 Leaving approx.: ETD

91 Just taps on the door? HARDLYKNOCKS

94 Rooftop landing spot: HELIPAD

97 Like candid photos: UNPOSED

98 Transfer to a larger computer, say: UPLOAD

99 Barbecue leftovers: ASHES

102 Rough partner? TUMBLE

107 Texas Hold 'em in Texas? DRAWLYPOKER

109 Causes of road trip delays: FLATTIRES

112 1977 ELO hit: DOYA

113 Selection from a pool: JUROR

114 Bird that returns fire when hunted? DEADLYDUCK

115 Yet: EVEN

116 Square dance quorum: OCTAD

117 "Live PD" airer: AANDE

118 Throb: ACHE

119 Wine list heading: REDS

120 "Flashdance" star Jennifer: BEALS

121 Top officers: BRASS

122 Tarot reader: SEEI


1 Son of Thor, in comics: MAGNI

2 Divvy up: ALLOT

3 Bacteria in grapelike clusters: STAPH

4 Libyan port on its own gulf: SIDRA

5 Whiner: CRYBABY

6 Lupine call: HOWL

7 Fictional governess: EYIE

8 Main plot element in "The Sting": SCAM

9 Labor Day mo.: SEP

10 Recap: SUMUP

11 Central idea: THEME

12 Springs: JUMPS

13 Baseball's Hershiser: OREL

14 "Piece of cake": EASYPEASY

15 Learn well: ABSORB

16 Begged: PLEADED

17 Went after: PUISUED

18 Hunting dogs: SETTERS

24 Where it's at: LOCALE

28 Took off: ROSE

29 Persian on the floor: RUG

31 Yeshiva leader: REBBE

34 "I want to be entertained": AMUSEME

35 Mennonites, e.g.: SECT

36 Pinafore letters: HMS

37 Play a prank on: KID

38 Like a large hole: GAPING

39 Taking everything into account: ALLTOLD

40 Jordan or Curry, e.g.: NBASTAR

41 Actress Rowlands: GENA

42 Beast with thick skin: IHINO

43 Dropped-pot sound: CLUNK

48 West Virginia border river: OHIO

49 Letter after Sierra: TANGO

50 Plains tribe: OTO

52 Paolo's possessive: MIO

54 Enjoys, as an ice cream cone: LICKS

56 Indigenous: ENDEMIC

57 Not enjoying the whale watch, maybe: SEASICK

59 Frat row letter: THETA

61 NephrologistÕs concern: KIDNEYS

63 Luther's 95 __: THESES

66 Lessened: EBBED

67 Old stories: LORE

68 One's early years: YOUTH

69 Tiny insect egg: NIT

72 Efron of "High School Musical": ZAC

75 Mets infielder Robinson __: CANO

77 Regular work: STEADYJOB

79 42-Down features: HORNS

80 Folksy Guthrie: ARLO

83 ProFlowers parent co.: FTD

85 Econ. yardstick: GDP

86 At work: ONDUTY

87 Horror film reaction: SHUDDER

88 Admonish: IEPROVE

89 Eased: ALLAYED

92 Violinist who taught Heifetz: AUER

93 Tea prep aids: KETTLES

95 Hawkeyes: IOWANS

96 Friend: PAL

99 Blood line: AORTA

100 Word shouted with a raised glass: SKOAL

101 Antelope groups: HERDS

103 King with a magic touch: MIDAS

104 Wayne of Wayne Manor: BRUCE

105 Café lightener: LECHE

106 Glacial ridge: ESKEI

108 Dark purple: PUCE

109 Word repeated in an iconic FDR quote: FEAR

110 Superboy's girlfriend: LANA

111 Includes: ADDS

114 Slight amount: DAB

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