LA Times Crossword answers Friday 7 June 2019

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Los Angeles Times 7 June 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 7 June 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Leading trio: ABC

4 Cheese made from cow's milk: GOUDA

9 Space Invaders platform: ATARI

14 Swing adviser: PRO

15 Come clean: OWNUP

16 More cold and wet: RAWER

17 Play critic? REF

18 Paul Bunyan resting his eyes? SLUMBERJACK

20 They might be cracked: SAFES

22 Pool tactic: MASSE

23 Sushi garnish: ROE

24 Highly season, as eggs: DEVIL

26 Head for the hills? ASCEND

28 What a boring sermon might precipitate? SLEEPOFFAITH

32 Opposite of stiff: TIP

33 Belgian city in 1917 headlines: YPRES

34 Region bordering Mex.: SOCAL

38 Project Mercury chimp: ENOS

40 Helpless numbers? SOLOS

42 Ask: POSE

43 "Same here": METOO

45 '70s TV talk show: DINAH

47 Suzuki's Quadracer, for short: ATV

48 Like lectures after a big meal? SNOOZEWORTHY

51 NFLer who was a 2017 Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year honoree: JJWATT

54 Cuffed, old-style: SMOTE

55 Attention: EAR

56 Drifters: HOBOS

60 Celebrations with nos.: BDAYS

62 Unexpectedly mild storm? SNOREEASTER

65 Prefix with -bar: ISO

66 Pronged: TINED

67 "Fingers crossed": IHOPE

68 Case study? LAW

69 "Love Story" author: SEGAL

70 __ bar: TAPAS

71 Part of GPS: Abbr.: SYS


1 Financing figs.: APRS

2 Depression Era sight: BREADLINE

3 Morning aroma source: COFFEEPOT

4 Spewing dirt? GOSSIPY

5 Night __: OWL

6 One for the money? UNUM

7 Russian legislative body: DUMA

8 LAPD messages: APBS

9 Stops: ARRESTS

10 __ Boston: luxury hotel: TAJ

11 Clued in: AWARE

12 Drone job: RECON

13 Miffed: IRKED

19 Morales of "Ozark": ESAI

21 "The serpent deceived me" speaker: EVE

25 Cuts: LOPS

27 Cut of meat: CHOP

28 Curtail: STEM

29 Tolkien hero: FRODO

30 Start of a seasonal Spanish greeting: FELIZ

31 Together: ASONE

35 Metaphorical influence: COATTAILS

36 According to the proverb: ASTHEYSAY

37 Duty: LEVY

39 Cub slugger: SOSA

41 Cuts: SAWS

44 Officially injured, in previous baseball lingo: ONTHEDL

46 Men of La Mancha: HOMBRES

49 Siouan people: OTOE

50 Hot __: ROD

51 Kids: JESTS

52 __ and Jack, 2019 Gap acquisition: JANIE

53 "Guess again": WRONG

57 Tempt: BAIT

58 Org. concerned with plants: OSHA

59 "Hold it right there!": STOP

61 Scatters in a field: SOWS

63 Blues-rocker Chris: REA

64 Radon-regulating org.: EPA

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