LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 7 June 2020

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Los Angeles Times 7 June 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 7 June 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Jouster's wear: ARMOR

6 Language of 100,000+ Canadians: CREE

10 "Waterloo" group: ABBA

14 Jr. challenge: PSAT

18 Early "Masterpiece Theatre" host Alistair: COOKE

19 Got the news: HEARD

21 Champagne word: BRUT

22 Toy owner in "Toy Story" films: ANDY

23 Bailiff who keeps the jury in stitches? COURTJESTER

25 Hotel unit: ROOM

26 Egg-white omelet's lack: YOLK

27 Close friends, say: DEARONES

28 Dramatic technique: IRONY

30 "The Sandbox" playwright: ALBEE

31 Frigg's spouse: ODIN

32 Parade features: FLOATS

33 Bull alligator sounds: ROARS

34 Music played between attorneys' arguments? BRIEFINTERLUDE

39 Faithful spring? LEAP

40 Pal played her in early films: LASSIE

41 Invitation encl.: SASE

42 First of an alley's 10: HEADPIN

45 Tribute creator: ODIST

46 Palm species: ACAI

48 Home of the Big 12's Cyclones: AMES

50 Actress Ward: SELA

51 "The Great" detective of kid-lit: NATE

52 Polite argument on behalf of the accused? CIVILDEFENSE

56 Ins. giant: AIG

57 Bar group: DRINKERS

59 Toyota logo shape: OVAL

60 Chaucer works: TALES

62 Prompts on stage: CUES

63 Steam up: ANGER

65 Vanishing act word: POOF

67 Send (to): REFER

70 Do the crawl, e.g.: SWIM

71 Cause of ruination: DOWNFALL

75 Action film shooter: UZI

76 Cartoon dialogue introduced as evidence? TRIALBALLOON

81 Garfield's foil: ODIE

82 Place for a nest: TREE

84 Vishnu's quartet: ARMS

85 Solemn promise: OATH

86 Get a hard copy: PRINT

87 Persian hunting dogs: SALUKIS

89 Sing the praises of: LAUD

91 Turn into cash: REDEEM

92 Scott in an 1857 case: DRED

93 Satisfaction for a prosecuting attorney? GUILTYPLEASURE

97 Mustard town: DIJON

99 __ Fables: AESOPS

100 Plate crossings: RUNS

101 Blow a gasket: ERUPT

102 Justice Kagan: ELENA

103 Aggressive stingers: FIREANTS

107 __ one's time: wait: BIDE

108 Tennis great Steffi: GRAF

109 Action brought by a cowardly plaintiff? CHICKENSUIT

112 Links org.: USGA

113 In __: unmoved: SITU

114 Spot cost: ADFEE

115 "Neon" fish: TETRA

116 After that: THEN

117 Scientist __ deGrasse Tyson: NEIL

118 Alan in old films: LADD

119 "My bad, Francesca": SCUSI


1 Clemson's NCAA div.: ACC

2 Large cross: ROOD

3 Pouty face: MOUE

4 Often-fried veggie: OKRA

5 Upgrade technologically: RETROFIT

6 __ blanc: Loire Valley wine: CHENIN

7 Take exception to: RESENT

8 Digs in: EATS

9 Prior to, in verse: ERE

10 Out of the country: ABROAD

11 Literary Yorkshire family name: BRONTE

12 Channel markers: BUOYS

13 Drive-thru device: ATM

14 Truckers' cargoes: PAYLOADS

15 High-hat challenge of a conviction? SNOBAPPEAL

16 Freud disciple: ADLER

17 Little shavers: TYKES

20 Goes for oil: DRILLS

24 Foster with Oscars: JODIE

29 Bounder: ROUE

30 Tiler's calculation: AREA

32 Sickly: FRAIL

34 Flaxen, as hair: BLOND

35 Speed gauge: RADAR

36 Question in Matthew: ISITI

37 Heart and soul: ESSENCE

38 Morales of TV's "Titans": ESAI

39 Not as much: LESS

42 Female lobster: HEN

43 "Would __ to you?": ILIE

44 Pesters: NAGS

46 Refreshes, with "out": AIRS

47 Walgreens rival: CVS

48 Way over yonder: AFAR

49 Filmmaker Gibson: MEL

52 So-so mark: CEE

53 Firm belief: DOGMA

54 Genesis matriarch: EVE

55 Town across the Thames from Windsor: ETON

58 Composer Weill: KURT

61 Makes available to: AFFORDS

63 Hole-making tools: AWLS

64 Pen part: NIB

65 Milne creation: POOH

66 Control: OWN

67 Wagon road features: RUTS

68 Biblical scribe: EZRA

69 Magistrate who specializes in agricultural litigation? FIELDJUDGE

70 "Cheers" bartender: SAM

71 URL element: DOT

72 "Ta-ta, Thierry!": ADIEU

73 Big ship: LINER

74 "I can do that": LETME

77 Carefully timed operation: RAID

78 E-file org.: IRS

79 Awkward sorts: LOUTS

80 Title for Gaga: LADY

83 Pole, for one: EUROPEAN

86 Farm workers of old: PEASANTS

88 Canterbury's county: KENT

89 Companion of Dorothy: LION

90 Camel cousin: ALPACA

91 O'Connor who played Gabrielle on "Xena": RENEE

93 Italian treats: GELATI

94 Handy: USEFUL

95 Selling for, with "at": PRICED

96 Waited in hiding: LURKED

97 First appearance: DEBUT

98 "Fighting" Indiana team: IRISH

99 Lofty home: AERIE

103 World Cup org.: FIFA

104 Tiny bit of a min.: NSEC

105 Ballet attire: TUTU

106 Titles of respect: SIRS

108 "Family Feud" reruns channel: GSN

110 "Good" cholesterol initials: HDL

111 Mai __: TAI

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