LA Times Crossword answers Monday 7 June 2021

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Los Angeles Times 7 June 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 7 June 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 10-year-old Oscar winner O'Neal: TATUM

6 Head lock: TRESS

11 Title for Lee or Grant: Abbr.: GEN

14 The Colosseum, e.g.: ARENA

15 Beyond bad: WORSE

16 Messenger molecule: RNA

17 *Selling point for a used car: SINGLEOWNER

19 Homer's "rosy-fingered" dawn goddess: EOS

20 Jacob's twin: ESAU

21 "Young Sheldon" network: CBS

22 Beauty's beau: BEAST

24 Part-time player: SEMIPRO

26 Raise, as sails: HOIST

28 *Going out with another couple: DOUBLEDATING

32 In the stars: FATED

35 Lena of "Alias": OLIN

36 Expected in: DUE

37 Old-school "OMG!": EGAD

38 With "the," rare batting feat whose components begin the answers to starred clues: CYCLE

40 Note to the staff: MEMO

41 Villain Luthor: LEX

42 Work bound to sell? BOOK

43 Former Swedish cars: SAABS

44 *High club in a deli: TRIPLEDECKER

48 Krall of jazz: DIANA

49 Power failures: OUTAGES

53 Former senator Lott: TRENT

55 Bad firecracker: DUD

56 Hair clump: TUFT

57 Anthem contraction: OER

58 *Metaphor for the perfect person for the job: HOMERUNHIRE

62 Printer problem: JAM

63 Chris of "Captain America": EVANS

64 Arnie __, Don Draper's neighbor on "Mad Men": ROSEN

65 Suffix with direct: ORY

66 Dentist's request: RINSE

67 Wind: Pref.: ANEMO


1 Uses a stun gun on: TASES

2 Come about: ARISE

3 Coffee break hr.: TENAM

4 Like a tour without a leader: UNGUIDED

5 Prefix with ware: MAL

6 Pair of shillings, in British slang: TWOBOB

7 Uses oars: ROWS

8 West end? ERN

9 Fresno-to-L.A. dir.: SSE

10 Belgrade native: SERBIAN

11 "Wish I'd thought of that!": GREATIDEA

12 Grandson of Adam: ENOS

13 Creator of the GOP elephant: NAST

18 Hosiery hue: ECRU

23 Approx. number: EST

25 Whale group: POD

26 Satan's realm: HELL

27 "Garfield" canine: ODIE

29 Age of Reason philosopher John: LOCKE

30 Anesthetized: NUMB

31 Most '90s Prizms: GEOS

32 Pool table surface: FELT

33 Stress or worry, it's said: AGER

34 Wildlife preservation method: TAXIDERMY

38 Either "Fargo" director: COEN

39 Film wise man with his own grammar: YODA

40 Very long race: MARATHON

42 Nonsense: BLATHER

43 Wimbledon unit: SET

45 Bowling target: PIN

46 Golfing venue: COURSE

47 Spiral-horned antelope: KUDU

50 Pretense: GUISE

51 Zimbalist Jr. of "77 Sunset Strip": EFREM

52 Shorthand pro: STENO

53 WWII Japanese general: TOJO

54 Raise, as kids: REAR

55 Animal lairs: DENS

59 Egg: Pref.: OVI

60 __ cave: MAN

61 New Deal agcy.: NRA

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