LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 7 March 2020

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Los Angeles Times 7 March 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 7 March 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Island top: ALOHASHIRT

11 Beaver young: KITS

15 Dreamer of Greek myth: LOTUSEATER

16 Short race, briefly: ONEK

17 Celebrated 1981 bride: PRINCESSDI

18 Kyrgyzstan range: ALAI

19 Italian sonnet closing: SESTET

20 One may be mounted close to a grille: FOGLAMP

22 Never encountered before: NOVEL

25 Sleeper's path: RAILS

26 Didn't lose at all: SWEPT

30 Athlete's best effort: AGAME

32 "Breaking Bad" org.: DEA

33 City on the Arno: PISA

34 Hardly the best smoke: STOGIE

35 Filing aid: TAB

36 Item on many a diner check: ENTREE

38 Jazz piano style: STRIDE

40 Greek letter: ETA

41 White water: RAPIDS

45 Early philosophical hot spot: ELEA

46 Columbo, for one: Abbr.: DET

47 Point of view: ANGLE

48 Sidestep: AVERT

49 Formal wear: DRESS

51 One way to think: ALOUD

53 Experiment with Zener cards: ESPTEST

55 Tree with green-skinned fruit: PAWPAW

60 Opposite of bueno: MALO

61 United Nations goal: WORLDPEACE

64 King Harald's father: OLAV

65 Obsolescent media: AUDIOTAPES

66 Flier over Hawaii: NENE

67 Island bottom: GRASSSKIRT


1 Jungfrau setting: ALPS

2 Stuff of legends: LORE

3 Name you might see while listening to Muzak: OTIS

4 Follow the game? HUNT

5 Trip up: ASCENT

6 Address: SEETO

7 Dines on: HAS

8 Part of TGIF: ITS

9 Sign of trouble: REDFLAG

10 Beaux Arts __: longtime chamber music group: TRIO

11 Arboreal marsupial: KOALA

12 Countertop option: INLAIDTILE

13 Captain, say: TEAMLEADER

14 Stops pumping momentarily? SKIPSABEAT

21 Receive with a shake, maybe: GREET

23 Brewery fixture: VAT

24 Narcissist's issue: EGO

26 One flying without a plane? SPEEDDEMON

27 January clearance: WINTERSALE

28 Where there's a will, usually: ESTATEPLAN

29 Equal footing: PAR

31 Hit opposite: MISS

34 Bean of "Game of Thrones": SEAN

37 Make room on a drive: ERASE

39 Gun in neutral: REV

42 Org. that runs the FedEx Cup Playoffs: PGATOUR

43 Misfortune: ILL

44 __ volente: DEO

48 Makes adjustments: ADAPTS

50 Hot spot: STOVE

52 Beehives, e.g.: UPDOS

54 Promotional handouts: SWAG

56 Watered down: WEAK

57 Longtime MLB star Big __: PAPI

58 HP rival: ACER

59 Old U.S. region? WEST

62 Nutritional abbr.: RDA

63 Fleur-de-__: LIS

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